You Know You’re Curious About LOLAWOLF’s “Every F-ckin Day” Video


Even if you don’t know LOLAWOLF, you know Zoe Bella Kravitz.  The band’s irresistibly beautiful front woman spends her spare time hanging out with her super famous BFFs Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus, going to movie premieres with A$AP Rocky, taking selfies with Jake Gyllenhaal, and looking like a bad bitch while doing it.


Unsurprisingly, LOLAWOLF is exactly the kind of band somebody like Zoe Kravitz would be in(to).  They’re purveyors of unpredictable R&B that’s fun, experimental, and supremely cool.  However, where they really come into their own is in their music videos.  In the past Kravitz has gotten monochromatic and melancholic, smoked blunts and played arts and crafts with Miley’s ass, and most recently, invited all of her neighbors to a trippy Brooklyn party in the middle of the day.


Why?  Go ahead, be our guest and find out for yourselves.  Like we said before, we know you’re curious.


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