Lola Blanc Tells Us How To Live Like Beyoncé

There’s something we need to get off our chests…we have a big girl crush on Lola Blanc. The rising pop diva is a fierce fashionista, free spirit, dynamite songwriter and we are just dying to party with the girl. Her latest single “Like Beyonce” isn’t a step-by-step guide to living the life of Beyonce Knowles, but rather a call to being a Queen B in your own right. We caught up to chat about New York Fashion Week, her unconventional dream date and girl power.

Galore Mag - Lola Blanc - Live Like Beyonce

Besides Beyonce, who are your other Queens?
There’s Siouxsie Sioux, Liza Minnelli, Frida Kahlo… Isabella Blow! Gwen Stefani circa 1995! Freddie Mercury!

What makes a girl a true boss?
Having the balls (ovaries?) to be authentically yourself. And resilience. It’s not fearlessness, exactly – I kind of think that’s an absurd concept – but being brave enough to feel afraid, risk rejection, and, when you do get rejected, getting back up and doing it all over again.

How can one party like Lola Blanc?
By ordering pizza and watching Netflix. Ranch on the side if you’re feeling crazy!

Galore Mag - Lola Blanc - Live Like Beyonce

Who is your ultimate dream date?
I just texted my friends to find out who my crushes are. I’m gonna go with Eric Andre ‘cause I think he’s hella cute. Hey Eric Andre, will you go out with me? Is this creepy? I heard that if you say Eric Andre in the mirror three times with the lights off Eric Andre asks you on a date, is that true?

You were raised Mormon; when did you first feel like you didn’t fit into that way of life?
I felt like an outsider from a pretty young age, and I stopped going to church when I was a teenager, but part of me was still in it emotionally for years. It wasn’t until I was maybe 19 that I was really able to extricate myself from the layers of guilt and recognize that it wasn’t for me. But a lot of my family is still Mormon, and it works for them, and that’s great.

Your style is on point. Are you keeping up with NYFW? What are some of your favorite trends for this spring?
Thanks! I’m casually googling NYFW. I’m really into the gingham thing that’s happening, and stripes; I’m a sucker for a graphic print. And turtlenecks! Turtlenecks forever.

What are three beauty products you can’t live without?
Lime Crime’s Red Velvet matte lipstick – I wear that shit every day. Maybelline’s Colossal Volum Express mascara is amazing, too, I don’t care what any of y’all say about drugstore makeup. It’s the yellow one. Also, my Palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm, which looks like a big glue stick and smells like heaven.


What’s next? A full ­length album, please!?
My debut EP is on its way in the next few months! So ready for this!

[Interview by: Shannon Kurlander
Photography by: JAWNY
Styled by: Sawyer/Deandri ]

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