These 10 apps will make your photos look like shit, in a good way

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If you post a picture of you basking in the sun and drinkng a mojito by the glimmering ocean, you’re gonna want a high quality photo, right?

Nope, not lately. Shitty photos are IN. Scrolling through my Instagram, I zoomed in on photos that seemed overly edited with super fine detail. That’s when I realized, EVERYONE is turning up the grain, and I mean everyone.

Just take a peek at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. If you scroll down past the mixture of selfies, snapchats, and professional photos, you see a bunch of Polaroid-like grainy photos.


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Kim K isn’t the only one that’s fallen for the super grainy trend. Check out Sofia Richie’s Instagram. No doubt she takes some bomb ass selfies, but almost every photo she has contains a good amount of grain. Why not just use film? Because using apps is easier, and there’s no shame in that.

A serious swoop

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Loving life.. can’t you tell

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So, are you ready to make your photos look like shit? Just kidding, but these apps will seriously change the whole look and quality of your photos, whether you’re adding a filter, turning up the grain, adding a light leak or making it look like a huge mess.

1. Glitche

Whether you’re adding a retro effect or completely reshaping every aspect of a photo, this app will fuck your photos UUUP. Each effect is a glitch that actually makes it look like something went wrong with your photo. You can’t go wrong with this one! Actually, you really can.

2. VHS Cam 

Remember when your parents used to make you watch embarrassing videos by putting a VHS tape in your video machine? Well, those days are back, except you don’t need a video camera to record them. Whether it’s a video or a still photo, this app will take you back to the early ’90s video tape aesthetic.

3. 1967

If you have a photo that you want to look more retro, this is the app to have. The filters are beautiful and highly realistic, giving your photos a more authentic look. It’s also pretty and super easy to use.

4. Filmborn

In this app, you can choose filters based off of actual film types people used in their point and shoots. There’s a bunch of different ways to edit each photo, making your photo look super close to actual film.

5. Analog Cam Okinawa

Remember going into Urban and seeing all those “Holga” and “Diana” toy film cameras? There’s no need for those anymore because of this app. Whether it’s adding a dramatic vignette or over-saturating the colors, this app does it all.

6. RNI Films

This is a super easy to use app that specializes in film emulsions, making your photos look desaturated and grainy af.

7. Filterloops

Need to add some light leaks, grain, textures, and analog film effects? This app can make any photo you have look super close to film, whether it’s a headshot or a photo of your dog.

8. 8bitcamera

Wanna pixelate the shit out of your images? Like seriously, this app makes your photos look like they could be straight out of MarioKart. It also has very cute retro effects and will make most of your photos look like a video game.

9. Color Splash

Just like the title, this app will add a splash of color along with some glitches to digitize and mess up your photos real bad.

10. SoSoCamera

Who could forget the feeling of waiting at a photo booth for your photo strip? This app has a multi-shot camera paired with analog film layouts to make it look like you’re staring at an actual film negative.

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