Lizzo is dropping the self-care bangers we all need

If we ever needed an example on self care and self love, we should take a page out of Lizzo’s book.

Lizzo is a hip hop artist from Minnesota who we got to watch perform at Governors Ball this year. This queen puts out nothing but BANGERS as her album, “Lizzobangers,” proudly states. Not only has sis been in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, she also came out with a EP called Coconut Oil that has been praised by music giants like Rolling Stones.

Lizzo gives us the scoop on self confidence, body positivity, and what her albums truly mean to her. Read on to find out more about our girl Lizzo.

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What was it like seeing yourself in the Forbes 30 under 30 list?

Incredible — I’m definitely not balling but it means my influence is being recognized.

Where does your self confidence stem from?

My feminine energy, in knowing myself. I’m still learning but I’m also finally starting to enjoy the process.

How does it feel to be portrayed as one of the well-known faces for the body positivity movement?

The wave of this movement is just beginning. It’s wild because I can remember a time when the term “body positive” wasn’t used as it is now. It’s exciting to know that there’s more to come.

How would you describe your personal style?

Sexy! All woman!

What is tour life like for you?  

Tour life is shiny. It’s me and my closest girl friends doing what we love in a different city every night. We drink a lot of champagne, shake our butts and talk about everything from skin care routine to fuckboys.

Your album “Lizzobangers” portrayed everything from racism to feminism to even growing up struggling. What do you think your EP Coconut Oil portrayed? What is the difference between the two albums in your opinion?

Lizzobangers was the search of self identity, I like to call it self-exploration. I was getting years of thoughts and emotions off of my chest. Big GRRRL Small world, my second project, was Self- Love and Coconut Oil is Self Care.

The biggest difference is knowing who you are and learning to take care of her.

Check out Lizzo’s fire ass song “Good as Hell” and her amazing EP “Coconut Oil” in stores everywhere.

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Photography by: @NeonFemale

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