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Hmmm, how does one go about describing the inimitable Julia Fox? I could pull together all my favorite pop culture references and those still wouldn’t do her justice. Like that she’s a pinch of Regina George (but more culturally advanced) mixed with a splash of Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker, then seasoned with some Italian Monica-Bellucci-lustfulness and finished off with a touch of Séverine Serizy for good measure. Oh yeah, and there’s some Leo DiCaprio laissez-faire in there too. 

But all comparisons aside, there’s no denying that Miss Fox has an incredibly unique and captivating allure—almost intimidating, even. Born in a small town in Milan but raised in New York from the age of six, she exudes this juxtaposition of pure Italian country girl and New York wild-child-muse that can’t help but charm. And above all, I love how unpredictable she is—just when you think you have her figured out she’ll spring some other amazing fun fact on you, like that she goes to church or can’t live without her bedazzled Superga’s. I caught up with the beauty to discuss creative projects, her brand Franziska Fox, and how to stop taking social media so seriously…

Julia Fox - Galore Mag

Image courtesy of Miyako Bellizzi for Alldayeveryday.

Since “occupation” sounds so boring, tell us what you “do” in a nutshell:

Such a loaded question! Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the most—running myself in circles and then when I finally stop, I ask my self “wtf am I even doing right now?!” I guess I’m pretty much always working on a creative project, whether it be involving my brand or just myself. I love to write. I’ve written short stories, screenplays, a children’s book, and as a child I was a published poet.

I remember first coming across you on Instagam (where we discover most things these days) and instantly thinking, Who is this girl and how can I be her? And based on what I can tell, every other girl who knows you feels the exact same way. But tell us a bit about your youth pre-nightlife/it-girl/NY muse status—you were born in Italy right? How did the European influence play into your early NYC upbringing?

I was born in Italy in a small town in the province of Milan. I spent my former years with my nonno (my grandpa). He was my mom and my dad for that time. I moved to America when I was six to live with my father who is a native New Yorker. My mom chose to stay in Italy so I didn’t really have her in my life entirely. I never had a great deal of parental supervision either so I would walk the streets alone everyday. I remember feeling, even as a seven-year old, that this place was magical. A far cry from where I came from. In a sense, I’m extremely stereotypically Italian. I’m very maternal and always make sure that my friends are eating right. I only eat Italian food and I make the best ragu. I go to church (not as often as I should) and pray everyday. I don’t think people would expect that from me. Also, there’s a whole village in the mountains and we are all related to each other in some way or another. Not in an incest-hillbilly way tho. That town has been there for centuries so it’s inevitable.

Julia Fox - Galore Media

I think one of the things people love about you (besides the intellect, beauty, style, and sense of humor) is that you emulate such fearlessness. Even on social media, you’ve got this no fucks attitude that’s so refreshing—and I think most people assume a woman can’t be as hot and as uncensored as you are, but you’re one of those brilliant exceptions who really seems not to care what others think. What would your advice be for all the chicks who take that shit too seriously?

You have the freedom to live you life however you see fit—but also take into consideration that there will most likely be repercussions. However, in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay for staying true to yourself and pushing the envelope or ever making a difference. The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself.

Going back to your style real quick: that alone could make you muse-worthy. Only a handful of broads could pull of sex-shop dresses or sheer animal-print bodysuits like you do and look like a million bucks—who are your personal style influences? Could be any person, place, or thing!

They change all the time! I have never had a fixed style or “uniform.” Currently my fashion inspo is coming from Leonardo DiCaprio. I love his whole normcore, “zero fucks” thing. Or maybe I’ve just given up…not entirely sure!

Three items out of your closet that you could never part with:

Without a doubt it would have to be my 1 Oak baseball cap Miami Edition (2013), my Richardson men’s swimming trunks which I wear as shorts, and my Swarovski studded Superga’s.


Now tell us about Franziska Fox, the line which you just launched in ’14 with bestie Briana Andalore—how did the brand’s inception come about? How would you describe the aesthetic in a general sense?

My 23rd birthday was around the corner and I started getting anxiety because at the time I thought 23 was old. I always knew it was Briana’s dream to start a fashion line; she’s been talking about it since she was 15. I love her so much and I love clothes so I decided to do it with her. I don’t know if I’ll do fashion for the rest of my life…I have many areas of interest that I would like to conquer. I like to say that the line is provocative, not promiscuous, which is how I view myself. I view my line as my art and a direct reflection as to how I view the woman and the body.

I assume you and Briana are extremely hands-on during the design process—how do you two usually go about executing a collection?

I’m way more interested in the creative aspect of the brand. I’ll come up with a concept or direction, which I’m usually pretty militant about. Most of the time she’ll tell me that I’m dreaming and it’s not commercial or it won’t sell and I’ll be upset about it for some time…but she’s the money-maker so I have to listen to her. I trust her entirely. She’s had to deal with me for the past decade and she stuck around so that says something!

Have you had a favorite high-profile client so far? Who would you die to see wearing your garments?

A lot of celebrities have worn our clothes but as of recent it was Nicki Minaj. I’m actually obsessed with her; I think she’s truly gifted and brilliant. I would die to see Kim Kardashian in FF—she actually purchased a few pieces but I don’t know if she ever wore them or not.

As a true New Yorker, you know first-hand how both toxic and inspiring the city can be. What excites you most about NY right now, creatively speaking? And how do you escape the chaos when it all becomes too much?

What excites me the most about this place is all the secrets and history. Each neighborhood, block, and street has seen so much. There is still so much mystery and opportunity! You can feel it—it’s electric. I get inspired knowing that I’m a part of all this. I get inspired knowing that I’m part of what pumps through this city’s veins. It’s like fuel to my fire. When I need to leave I just go to the Hamptons and chill. Nine out of 10 times I want to go home immediately tho. It’s a love/hate thing with this place…

Last but not least, anything exciting you’re working on right now that you could tell us about? What’s next for Franziska Fox? And what’s the party to fuck with this summer in NYC?

Right now I have a really exciting personal project I’m working on mainly alone. It’s a surprise but it’s pretty major; it’s going to be really cathartic for me because I’m basically shedding all, figuratively and literally. As far as Franziska Fox is concerned, we are working on a top-secret project with David Alexander Flinn, dropping in September. It’s going to be a raw representation of New York City. He’s from New York also and we’ve known each other forever. I think it’s important for us New Yorkers to stick together and put each other on.

And I’ve been really into the daytime scene so I wouldn’t even know where the “best” party is. But I can safely say that Veselka around 5 am on any given night is the place to be! Ross and Peter are the homies!


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