Little Mix Fans Are Losing Their Sh*t Over a Possible Feud

Uh oh.

Just when the dust from Fifth Harmony’s breakup was finally starting to settle, Little Mix fans realized their girls might be starting a feud of their own.

And on Instagram of all places.

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On Monday, somebody posted a picture of the group on the orange Kids’ Choice Awards carpet with one of the members, Jesy Nelson, partially cropped out.

How weird, right?

Now, to Little Mix’s credit, after saying all the obligatory thankful things a celebrity has to say in an award show IG post, they wrote, “oh and Jesy is cropped out the picture because she doesn’t like this photo.”

But that didn’t stop their fans from thinking something was up.

As one user explained, “cropping out Jesy is shade and you know it,” while somebody else pointed out, “WTF and jess uploaded one [on her page].”

And even weirder, BEFORE Little Mix posted this cropped out group photo, they also posted a picture of all of them on the orange carpet together.

KCAs with my queens ❤️

A post shared by Little Mix (@littlemix) on

While the dominant theory seems to be that Perrie Edwards has beef with Jes for some reason, Little Mix released a statement that says that’s all a giant lie.

“This is absolute nonsense created out of nothing,” a rep for the group told Buzzfeed. “There is no fall out whatsoever within Little Mix. We now sadly live in a world where stories are fabricated from Instagram photo posts.”

And just last month Little Mix told us they’d never break up because they “literally can’t live without each other.”

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But you know what, Little Mix rep?

It wouldn’t be the first time fans correctly predicted there was drama in their favorite band from a seemingly insignificant detail.

Last August, months before Camila Cabello quit Fifth Harmony, their fans heard a 10-second clip from a Facebook Live interview we did with Normani Kordei where Normani briefly paused before describing Camila Cabello as “quirky” and “cute” — and somehow sensed there was trouble brewing.

At the time, Normani took it upon herself to write her own lengthy statement about how any rumors of trouble within the band were BS, but we all know how that turned out.

Sometimes the fans aren’t wrong.

Fingers crossed Little Mix can make it through the year.

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