Little Daylight Talk New LP “Hello Memory” & Why They Still Have Love For Weezer

Little Daylight have garnered attention with energetic remixes and their own brand of syth-pop music. Now they are ready to take the world by storm with their first full length album, Hello Memory. On the day of their big release we talked about Weezer stealing their thunder, favorite SNL cast members and their new album

By Shannon Kurlander


Your debut album Hello Memory comes out today and I’m sure you have been waiting for this moment. Did you feel different when you woke up this morning?
Eric: Matt and I took the subway together and the whole world shifted on its axis [laughs]. No, I do sort of… I mean, I don’t feel different but it’s like a birthday. You wake up excited but you don’t really feel different necessarily. It’s a new thing. People congratulate you. We ran into a friend on the subway that wanted to know about the album and we were like, it actually came out today!
Nikki: I woke up this morning feeling happy and proud like I just had a baby.
Eric: So it’s like having a birthday and having a baby.

Any big plans to celebrate the release?
Nikki: We do. We are going to have a release party. We have a show at Mercury Lounge and we are going to have an after party.
Eric: “then after the show, it’s the after party.”
Nikki: My mom’s staying at the Holiday Inn…could always go there.

What was the creative process like for the album? Did you guys feel any pressure in creating your first full length?
Nikki: We felt a little bit of time pressure. In an ideal world we can explore every different direction and have time to do that. But in terms of pressure we knew that we wanted to not take a lot of songs off the EP. There’s only one from our EP. We did have a lot of different ideas.
Eric: I remember our manager Kirk talking to us about the album process and the different song ideas we had and I think we were kind of freaking out. He was explaining, as a manager should, a long-term schedule and we were sitting there losing our minds like we had no idea that this could ever happen. We had to kind of think about that in the process.

You played the music festival circuit this year. Can you tell me a weird or unique festival experience?
Eric: A couple of things this summer. We’re friends with a band name Haerts, who are also from Brooklyn. We’re always scheduled at the exact same time, so it’s like a crazy coincidence. So people have to pick what they want to see: Haerts or us…we were also the same time as a Weezer at Firefly or we would have seen them.
Matt: We looked out across the field and saw people herding towards the field. It was like watching a documentary with the lions showing up and all the antelope. And it was hot so it did feel like National Geographic. Not too many people turned on to us at that moment because of Weezer. They weren’t supposed to play during the day.

What is your favorite Weezer song?
Matt: We just recently listened to “The Sweater Song” in the van and those guys just make perfect songs. Perfect pop songs that fit perfectly for the time.

When you look to create a new remixes, when are you like “this would make a great remix”?
Nikki: We spend an awful lot of time together and sometimes we’ll be driving around and we’ll be talking about something that would be a good remix. We did a remix for our friends Bastille and Charlie XCX, who we toured with, and once you develop a relationship it’s really fun to cement your bond musically.
Matt: It’s a really great in an introductory way for collaboration. Eventually, hopefully, it will lead to more collaboration… It’s nice to have that community, with all the bands on tour, open.

A few months ago you played Late Night with Seth Meyers. Are you SNL fans? If so, what are your favorite SNL skits or characters?
Nikki: We were just having this conversation. There’s a difference between the kinds of comedy on SNL. My favorite SNL comics are the ones who are surreal and weird. Kristin Wiig is my favorite. She is phenomenal. We were going back through the SNL histories-
Matt: The different archetypes. John Belushi. The crazy screaming archetypes-
Nikki: Will Ferrell.
Eric: We love SNL. When we were at Seth Meyers we got to get a walk-through. Getting to see that set is insane. Definitely bigger than you think it would be.
Matt: When we were on the set we just walked into the SNL set. There were a lot of people doing their jobs. It was fun. It was like being a tourist with an access beyond just being a tourist.

You’re about to headline your tour and have had the chance to tour with a lot of big names. Who would you still be interested in touring or collaborating with?
Matt: Robyn is a dream collaborator for all of us. She has worked with Röyksopp before. And of their collaborations in the past “Body Talk” is really cool, we have rocked it in the van. We love that.

Best way to spend a day in Brooklyn?
Matt: Seven different pizza places.
Nikki: Prospect Park. You can get the concert and the park at once.
Matt: A beer garden too.

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