Little Boots, the CEO of Pop Music, Made an Album for Future Bosses

Little Boots is taking over control as the CEO of pop music. This time around Victoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots, ditched the major labels in pursuit of championing her own pop star vision. Working Girl, which just dropped last week via On Repeat Records/Dim Mak Records, asserts Little Boots as one hell of a boss and sends a major girl power message.

Little Boots, Working Girl, Galore

“A long time ago I stopped trying to be someone else’s idea of a pop star.”

Working Girl is more than a cute pop album; it’s a brand with a story, a character, a world and an image. “It’s not just a bunch of pop songs stuck together on a record,” Hesketh said. She worked carefully and creatively to curate a world with CEO Little Boots at the center of an ’80s/‘90s yuppy universe. Equipped with power suits, alluring pastels and positive pop beats, we are instantly drawn to Little Boots’ manufactured brand which is actually her truest self yet. “A long time ago I stopped trying to be someone else’s idea of a pop star,” she said. Hesketh is clearly declaring independence and staying far away from the flock as Little Boots. “I’m never going to be one of those pop stars that endorses hair spray…that’s not who I am but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a pop star.”

Little Boots, Working Girl, Galore

“Instead of liking people’s cool shit on instagram, go and make your own cool shit.”

Little Boots’ boss-lady confidence was something that Hesketh found over time. “When I started out I was quite naive and unsure of myself” she said. Over the years that has changed dramatically as Hesketh began to trust herself and her vision. And that’s exactly what being your own boss is really all about; confidence and trust in yourself to make good decisions.

Working Girl will undoubtedly serve as another musical tool of empowerment for young women looking to be their own boss. To all those future CEOs, Hesketh has some words of advice. “Don’t just talk about stuff, go out into the world and do it.” Which is an especially important message to relay in the modern day of technology. A day where it seems young people are distracted by what everyone else is doing on their screen rather than looking up and living in the now. “Instead of liking people’s cool shit on instagram, go and make your own cool shit,” Hesketh said. Truer words of wisdom have never been spoken.

Little Boots, Working Girl, Galore

While Hesketh has evolved as the ultimate boss lady of pop, she is still constantly striving for more. “The holy grail for me is I want to make a perfect pop song,” Hesketh said. Perfect pop songs like the ones from her favorite artists ABBA, Beach Boys and Kate Bush. The world could use some more of those pop songs and Hesketh said, “When someone tells me a ‘song helped me get through a difficult time’, it’s a really special feeling knowing that you can help people and change their mood.”

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