Literal Fashion Police: D&G In Trouble, And 4 Other Designers Brushing With The Law

Fashion is meant to court controversy but when does a designer cross the line from “bad boy” to just plain bad? Following the news of Dolce & Gabbana’s recent brush with tax evasion (which may result in jail time for the design duo) here is a list of some of the most controversial designers of the moment, ranging from just fabulously naughty to just plain no-worthy.

Brian Lichtenberg
The designer, famous for calling his recent collection “The Designer Drug Line” is famous for producing t-shirts, featuring graphics of prescription drugs such as Xanax and “Vicodin” and has recently designed for the signer Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour wardrobe. Pushing the envelope? Sure. But no one ever said it was illegal to wear Ecstasy. Until he starts selling the actual pills, our love for Lichtenberg stays unsullied.


Karl Lagerfield
The designer’s controversial quotes are all over the internet, ranging from the downright hilarious such as “ loving unsexy bedrooms” to the slightly more cringe worthy “ fat mothers”, he has made a name for himself as being one of the more outspoken in the fashion industries, but we can forgive his word vomit, considering he has designed some of the most glorious lines of the season.

German designer Karl Lagerfeld acknowled

The design team courted controversy for their 2012 line which featured Aboriginal inspired prints that some found crossed the line into cultural appropriation. While we love the fashion, house, these ladies should make certain double check who they may be harming in their future designs.


John Galliano
Need we say more? The designer was ousted from Dior after his very public anti-semitic comments back in 2011 has been branded a pariah in the industry ever since. He represents the very fine line that can be crossed between simply uncouth and completely crossing the line. On the bright side? We think that Dolce and Gabbana can probably bounce back from their recent brush with the law.


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