A List Of Vintage Treasures To Steal From Grandma’s Closet

Forced to visit your grandparents over the holidays? Never fear, it can become a fruitful and free vintage shopping trip. Grandmas are notorious for having closets stuffed with covetable vintage treasures and ziplock bags of old costume jewelry. It will warm her wrinkled heart that you want to bond with her over fashion, and she will be psyched to let you take whatever you find. As with any thrifting session, it can be overwhelming to sift through musty sweaters and paint stained tees in search of hidden gems, so here’s a list that should help you out: keep an eye out for these pieces! Or, just shop our picks to get the granny style without the hassle.

Silk JacketsSilk bomber jackets from Hermes and IRO

Left to right: David Lerner, Hermes, IRO

Chunky Sunglasses

Singlasses from Karen Walker, Wildfox, and Karlsson

From top left: Karen Walker, Pixie Market, Wildfox, Karlsson

Gem Covered Costume Jewelry

Gem encrusted jewlery from Nastygal, Pixie Market, and Kimberly McDonaldLeft to right: Nastygal, Pixie Market, Kimberly McDonald

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