These Lisa Frank memes explain EXACTLY how we feel about catcalling

It’s almost laughable how surprised everyone is acting about the recent events taking place in Hollywood regarding sexual assault, though we know assault is NO laughing matter.

The thing is, none of us ladies are surprised at all. If internationally famous and rich women are experiencing sexism, assault, rape, and all that terrible shit, you bet women who work regular jobs with less security and don’t have safe places to stay all the time are definitely experiencing the exact same BS. But when marginalized voices try to speak up about these matters they are either ignored, victim blamed, accused of lying, the list goes on.

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We need to get one thing straight, no matter their background, all women’s lives are affected by sexist microaggressions, blatant harassment, assault, rape or other kinds of trauma. We’re SO over it and it’s about time people stop acting surprised af when someone speaks up, no matter who they are or who the assaulter is.

That being said, here are some on-topic memes we think are pretty damn relatable.

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