5 Most Kissable Lipsticks For V-Day

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and we know that means you’re worrying about those pesky little details that, until now, were forgotten in your romantic cloud of bliss and happiness. Like, for example, how do I make out without smearing my date with ultra pigmented red lipstick? Will he still like me if my mouth looks like a clown’s? The answer to that question is no, he will not like you, and the entire date will go down in history as the worst Valentine’s EVER. The Edward Cullen look was never sexy, and you don’t want an unfortunate #tbt when your date emerges from a smooch looking like he just fed on your blood. Make sure you choose a kissable lipstick, or the Wonder Woman of lipstick. They have insane staying power and make your lips look pillow-y and luscious, just begging for a kiss. Here are some of our faves:galore_mag_urban_decay_pulp_fiction_lip_pecil

Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil In Pulp Fiction



Clinique High-Impact In Rosette


Rituel Del Fille in Against Nature
 galore_mag_tom_ford_first_timeTom Ford In First Time


NARS in Funny Face

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