Why Lip Balm Can Make Your Lips Feel Worse

Using lip balm on your chapped lips can be a slippery slope.

After all, haven’t you ever felt like once you start using lip balm, you can’t stop? And sometimes it almost feels as if your lips are getting worse, right?

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Well, your lip balm conspiracy theories may not be totally crazy. Because some experts do insist that certain products make your lips “lazy” and unable to fight the chapped feeling on their own.

But not all experts buy into this theory, in fact, the reason why your lip balm might not be helping you out is because you’re using it wrong.

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Dr. Zoe Draelos, a North Carolina-based dermatologist and researcher, explained to Motto that many people use lip balm the same way that they would use a body lotion, which is incorrect.

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Instead of rubbing lip balm into your lips, you should let it sit on top. The balm should act as a shield to protect your lips from dry air, explains Draelos.

The problem is that if you talk, eat, or smack your lips at all, the lip balm’s affects are diminished, leaving your lips to dry out again and making you feel as if the product isn’t working.

Basically, you need to apply lip balm the way you would your liquid lipstick, in that you leave it a good amount of time to dry.

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Also, if the product you’re using contains menthol, “exfoliants,” or any plumping products, there’s a good chance they’re making your lips even worse.

If you really want to help out your lips, ditch the fancy products and stick to something simple with as few ingredients as possible. Vaseline is never a bad decision.

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