Lion Babe Shares The Secret To Growing A Lion’s Mane, Choosing A Band Name, and More!

It’s no secret Galore <3’s Lion Babe. That’s why we were psyched to talk to them about NYC, their newest record and keeping cute on tour. Check it out below!


What has been your inspiration while making this record?

We are inspired by the human experience, especially in New York City. We love to experiment with creating our own sound that has elements of records and artists we grew up listening to. Our main goal was to fill the space we felt was lacking in music today, to make something that we both were excited by and that felt good.

You guys have deep roots in NYC. How does New York influence your sound?

New York is constantly changing and evolving and like us it is difficult to categorize. The blend of culture, style, energy, history and art plays a huge role on how we enter into working on songs depending on the day. Making music in a certain environment can dramatically shift what is made and we like that New York naturally pushes us to discover and explore.

How did you guys meet and when did you know that you would make such beautiful music together?

We met through a mutual friend during our early college years and then reconnected once we were finishing/finished with school. The meeting was very organic and spontaneous, but the music came after the friendship. Lucas was making music long before I was singing, but from the start I was definitely interested in his sound and inspired to try to write to it. “Treat Me Like Fire” was our first attempt at making a full song and after that we just wanted to keep going.  The beauty I think comes with the trust and openness we have with each other, we support each other’s vision and push each other to be better.

Lion Babe is such an awesome name! How did you guys come up with that?

Thank you! LION BABE represents the two of us equally, but symbolically we liked the duality of the two words.  Strength, vulnerability, pride and instinct are some of the elements we wanted to exist in our name somehow. We also always loved the idea of an ambiguous band name like Blondie and Pink Floyd.

Jillian, how do you keep that mane so gorgeous while on the road? Any beauty tips for us girls?

Still figuring it out, but luckily I have my hair god Chuckie Amos always a phone call, text or email away. He usually briefs me before we go and will prep the hair and show me quick ways to add more volume, curl or drama. That hair has a mind of it’s own though ☺ Beauty tips: stay hydrated, wear lotion and always wash your face before bed.

How was it touring with the Roots?

Touring with The Roots was incredible. It was our first mini tour as well as the first time we played with more than just the two of us on stage. Shout out to our new band mates Ebony Joi and Steve Mckee! It is really exciting doing shows especially to crowds who don’t know us at all, it’s our chance to make them remember us. The Roots were so supportive, fun and humble and it was so inspiring and informative watching them rehearse, perform etc. To be on a bill with a group as universal and legendary as The Roots was truly an honor and a jolt of confidence and excitement to enter into 2015. There was constantly new information to take in. We are really just getting our feet wet and left the tour with new ideas, and more experience.

What can we expect from Lion Babe in 2015?

2015 is going to be a great, exciting, busy year for us. There will be more music, visuals, shows, and just more LION BABE all together. On to bigger and better things.galore_mag_lionbabe

Photography and Creative Direction: Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa

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