Lingerie You Can Rock In And Out Of The Bedroom


There are a lot of myths and narratives about heterosexual relationships that just don’t hold any weight in real life. There are only a few that I wish actually would. And men buying their girlfriends expensive lingerie is one of them.

I am not sure when, or why this became a “thing” in movies, books, casual understandings of what happens on Valentines Day… because the truth is, I have never been on the receiving end of gifted lingerie from a man. And niether has anyone I know. My mom has actually purchased me La Perla undergarments as gifts before, but never a man. It’s not a real thing!

Ugh, but don’t we all wish it was? Especially with the new trend of versatile lingerie that lends itself to being wearable inside AND outside the bedroom. There’s nothing I’d love more than for a dude to buy me a leather harness.

Hear are five pieces of lingerie and leather accesories that do double duty–whether it be during some light BDSM play, or just killing it out on the streets.


Safe Heart Harness $125 Available at




Pink Leather Frame Bra $160 Available at

The two pieces above are from online leather wear designer and retailer Creepyyeha. Creepyyeha specializes in hand made leather pieces that are made to order. The craftsmanship in her pieces, is frankly, amazing. And while I definitely would love to wear these in a sexual context, showing them off in public something I am even more interested in.

You can pair pieces like the black harness with a crisp white button up for an interesting juxtaposition of good girl and bad girl. The leather bra can be worn over a black crop top, or a jersey dress to take simple and comfortable pieces to a whole new level. I love how Creepyyeha plays on “cutsie” ness through a medium like leather lingerie which is traditionally thought of as more dangerous and edgy, which ends up making the pieces wearable and playful rather than just downright frightening.


Zana Bayne Bullet Bra $250 Available at


While we’re on the subject of leather wear, I would be remiss not to mention New York based brand Zana Bayne who have been in the business of making exquisitely crafted (but surprisingly affordable) leather pieces since 2011.

This leather bralette would look nothing short of badass in the bedroom, but it also doubles as a piece that adds texture and structure to more demure outfits outside the bedroom. Try it over a tailored tea length dress. You could even wear it on a date, and be glad you have it on you for later in the night for other uses, if the date ends up going well.


Floral Lace Body Suit $8.80 Available at Forever 21

If you’re trying to jump on the #freethenipple bandwagon (I am- I can’t stand wearing bras for their actual function) and are into more feminine pieces, this lace body suit will probably do the trick. The see through fabric allows gives your partner, or everyone else, a peak at what’s gong on underneath.

If you love the lace, but aren’t trying to expose your nipples in public for fear of creepy men following you home (this is a real concern in NYC) you can always slip a bandeau on underneath this body suit. Pair it with jeans, skirts, actually, pair it with literally anything, and take pleasure in the sensation of wind and sun hitting your skin in places it has never before.


Skivvies robe $138 available at


If you’re more into wearing pieces that are a little more whimsical than suggestive, try pairing a lace or silk robe like the one above a la Rihanna at the 2015 MTV Music Awards. Newer incarnations of lingerie robes are becoming truly versatile in that they translate perfectly to day time wear.

Whether you want to feel glamorous and sexy for a night in with your bae, or if you just want to add a layer of slinkiness to your every day outfit, robes are a fun alternative to the prolific duster coats that have been trending lately. The upside with lingerie robes though is that, you know, you can wear them for sex.

So, just because your boyfriend doesn’t seem to want to invest in gifting you with a better sex (and everyday) wardrobe, doesn’t mean you have to hold out on yourself. Maybe once he sees how hot you look in your new pieces, he’ll change his mind. Until then, we can only hope.

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