Lingerie Fashion Week: Lilith Is Made For The Independent Woman

Lilith is one of the brands that showed at Lingerie Fashion Week, check out what they had to say about their brand for independent women!

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Tell us about how Lilith started:
Lilith started when I was creating my senior collection for school. I realized I had a major passion (almost obsession) for Lingerie and I wanted to create a line that was edgy, with a dominatrix feel, but still classy and sophisticated.

What kind of woman is your line for?
My line is for the strong, independent women. The Queen B at the office, and the woman who is confident enough to rock a piece of Lilith lingerie.

Who would you love to see wearing it?
I would love to see Dita Von Teese wearing my lingerie.

What are some of your inspirations?
I find a lot of my inspirations from fabrics and strong female figures. The fabric choice, and name, behind Lilith is based off the goddess Lilith who represents feminism and is often depicted with snakes in paintings of her. I chose a vinyl, snake print material because it’s unconventional and portrayed the print I was looking for.

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Lingerie designers you admire:
My favorite lingerie line is Bordelle which is a European brand. It’s very bondage inspired and beautifully crafted.

Where can we purchase?
Currently I am only taking custom orders in which someone can contact me at

What’s coming up next?
My next step is to start a new venture with my business partner, called Liviara. We plan to create two main collections; one that is more main stream and the other that is more of a niche market like Lilith.

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