Lingerie Fashion Week: Andrée Ciccarelli Keeps It Elegant & Comfortable

Today marks Lingerie Fashion week, so to honor this occasion we’ll be spotlighting a few of the brands that are featuring. Check out lingerie brand Andrée Ciccarelli, see what they had to say about their beautiful brand!

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Tell us about how Andree Ciccarelli started:
The brand sort of started as a hobby/a way of expressing my creative side! When you’re working for other companies projects, it’s not always the most creatively fulfilling thing, so I started it as something to keep me inspired. I decided to launch the collection soon after that because of the great feedback I was receiving from friends, customers, photographers, etc. I also launched the brand so I could offer women a different option for their lingerie. I felt like there was something missing in the lingerie world and wanted to begin to change that!

How would you describe your line?
So the line has two “personalities.” Part of the line is geared towards a younger woman. It has a sexy and edgy feel to it and is for someone who wants beautiful AND comfortable lingerie for their all day, everyday wear. The other “personality,” I’ll call it, is an older customer. This part of the line is for women who appreciate the “finer things in life.” The materials are more high end and these products take a lot of time with all the handwork and couture techniques. These pieces are not something you would wear as your bra and panty set under your work clothes all day. This area of the line is more traditional lingerie, like floor length kimonos, bed jackets, etc.

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Both aspects of the line still focus on creating comfortable and well fitting lingerie made with the best materials offered. Whether you purchase the $70 bra or the $600 kimono, you’re still buying into something elegant and comfortable.

Who would you love to see wearing it?
Ah! There are so many women I would kill to see in the line! Top choice would have to be Jessica Chastain. She’s a babe.

What are some of your inspirations?
I’m really inspired by colors and textures (even though I only use black!!). I love to walk around fabric and trimming stores to get inspired. I also get very inspired by sitting down at my sewing machine and creating something completely random out of some scrap of fabric I pulled out. It’s a very creative process and actually that’s how this collection in itself came to be!

Lingerie designers you admire:
I love La Perla’s Lingerie. They’re a brand I have always strived to be like! I’m also obsessed with Hopeless Lingerie but I mean who isn’t! It’s really beautiful stuff. I really admire the fact that it is all made to order, by hand, in her studio. There is something so special about that.

Where can we purchase your line?
As of right now, you can purchase pieces on my website and or on my etsy page at

What’s coming up next?
Lingerie Fashion Week is what’s coming up this weekend! This will be my first time showing the collection, which is SO exciting! After this, we’ll see. Depending on the feedback we get from the show, I’d like to split the two “lines/personalities” of the brand and begin to produce it more and sell it in a few different stores. We’re really looking to expand over the next few months and going into production would be a big and exciting step!

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