Lingerie Experts Answer Your Most Pressing V-Day Questions

We asked lingerie experts Young&Ng and Daisy & Elizabeth for V-Day lingerie tips, thoughts on nipple jewelry, and even assless chaps. See they said below.



What’s your ultimate V-Day adventure?

Daisy & Elizabeth: A bottle of whiskey and a Nashville Marathon.

Thoughts on nipple jewelry?

Young&Ng: We are big proponents of the “look better, feel better” mentality and if in that intimate moment when you can share your breasts (and nipple jewelry) with someone else and that makes you feel like your most confident, sexy self – it is exactly what you should do! After all, isn’t that the role of lingerie in the first place, to provide that extra spark of confidence?

How do you wear leather lingerie without crossing into dominatrix territory?

Daisy & Elizabeth: Make ’em in sun-drenched pastel colors (as in our Festival wear pieces for Spring) and style them with denim cut-offs or angelic, gauzy white summer dresses. Makes for the perfect Coachella attire.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Do you have any tips for wearing underwear (lingerie) as outerwear?

Young&Ng: Subtlety is everything. There is such a fine line between trendy and transparent.  The real magic in seductive lingerie is imagination and confidence. So if you are going to show it, your best bet is to do it without calling too much attention. You don’t want to ruin the element of surprise and seduction.

How should girls dress if they don’t know where their V-Day date is taking them?

Daisy & Elizabeth: You can never go wrong with a little black dress, our Western vixen robe and a pair of cowboy boots. You’d be ready for anything from a steak dinner, to texas two steppin’.

What’s the biggest lingerie trend this Valentine’s day?

Young&Ng: The effort to select the right lingerie to gift to that someone special. Not the style, not the feel, but the selection and imagination. Too many people buy based on a sales person guidance rather than emotion and knowledge of that person. Buy something that makes her want to run away with you every day, with Young&ng Lingerie and a Crown.

Ever ride a horse in just your Daisy & Elizabeth lingerie? Would you recommend it?

Daisy & Elizabeth: Haven’t tried, but hell, don’t knock it ’til ya do.

Should girls take off their Young&Ng crowns before getting in bed with their man?

Young&Ng: No! But it also depends on how much fun they’re planning to have.

What makes cowgirls the best girls? How can us city girls embrace elements of the rodeo life?

Daisy & Elizabeth: Boots, chaps, and a little sass ;). Put down those grey goose martinis, and learn how to shoot a whiskey.

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