Line Brems Doesn’t Want To Be The Next Cara Delevingne


I think everyone in the world is both confused and offended when told they look like someone else. You could literally be compared to the most beautiful woman in the world, and still be insulted that your beauty isn’t unique enough. Our entire lives are spent trying to fit inside the already existent society we are born into, and our faces are one of the few things that make us distinct from one another. To constantly be compared to “her” “him” “it” is overall frustrating. Model Line Brems has been called the next Cara Delevingne, and while being told you look like a supermodel isn’t the worst thing in the world, it isn’t necessarily the best thing. Line spoke to Fashionista, “I guess I can see why people would think that. We both have big brows and perhaps the same color hair. But I think I look like me, and Cara looks like Cara.” YES! She has every right to be slightly annoyed. After all, she’s absolutely stunning in her own way. There’s a slight resemblance, but alas, a completely different face. Betting she dyes her hair like.. tomorrow.


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