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Lindsey Harrod of W3 Live Healthy offers her tips to stay healthy!

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Juicing is all the rage right now. It seems like a new juice bar is popping up on every corner. So, how good for you are they really? Well, extremely! If went about the right way. I personally can’t go a day without a fresh pressed juice, completely guilty of falling victim to this trend. Well the good news is, this is one trend that should never go out of style!

Galore Mag - Juicing

For starters, lets explain what “cold-pressed juice” actually is. Cold-pressed juice is when fruits and vegetables are crushed together and than put under extreme pressure, which squeezes out every ounce of juice in the fruits and vegetables retaining the most amount of vitamins and minerals. Cold-pressed does differ than traditional juicing, such as at home juicers. These use fast spinning blades to separate the flesh from the juice. Some say that the heat generated from the blades heats the juice, oxidizing the final nutrition count in the juice. Thus, cold-pressed is the best option. And I shouldn’t even have to tell you that conventional bottled juices from the grocery store are just a joke made from concentrate, yuck!

Galore Mag - Juicing

PROS: For all of you who hate eating vegetables, drink them! Juices taste great, are low in calories, and pack loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Their great for detoxifying and alkalizing your body. Your options are endless when it comes to recipes, so its hard to get bored! Green juice, red juice, orange juice, etc. Pick your poison! I personally mix it up every day. Also- juice cleanses are a great way to detox and kick start your metabolism. Just make sure you don’t only drink juice for an extended period of time. Unfortunately a lot of people turn to the trend as a quick fix to slim down for an event or special occasion, rather than doing it for health reasons.

Galore Mag - Juicing

CONS: There’s not very many! You do lose the fiber content you would gain from eating the actual vegetables. There is no real benefit to drinking a juice that you wouldn’t get from just consuming raw fruits and veggies. Other than that, the only downfall is the cost! I’d be lying if I said these nutrient packed bottles didn’t cost a pretty penny. At $8-$12 a bottle they can add up fast! However, good health is true wealth. So very worth it to me!

With all of that being said, drink up!

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