Lindsey Harrod’s 7 Halloween Health Tips

Lindsey Harrod of W3 Live Healthy offers her tips to stay in the best shape this festive weekend!

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It’s here! Halloween Day, so there’s a good chance 99% of you are bearing some skin tonight. Here’s 5 tips to help you look and feel your best tonight you sexy lil’ thing.

Drink LOTS of water. Lemon water especially. This will help your body to rid itself of any unwanted water weight/bloat. And is much safer than resorting to over the counter water pills. Dandelion root tea is also a great natural diuretic for those of you feeling extra bloated. Aim for a gallon of lemon water the day of a big event to keep you’re belly bloat free.


Stretch! Sounds silly I know. But, stretching promotes long lean muscles & keeps your slim and tight. Opt for a yoga class today instead of hitting the gym hard. Or even better, hot yoga. Lifting weights leaves your muscles swollen, resulting in the “swole” look. Keep it simple with some cardio and light/moderate exercise today. And stretch, stretch, stretch!


Avoid processed sugar and gas-producing vegetables– such as broccoli & cauliflower. Aim for foods that are easily digested- such as fruits and green veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats, so your belly stays happy all day and doesn’t bloat. Just be sure you actually eat! Chances are you’re probably drinking tonight, and there’s nothing worse than going out on an empty stomach. Do not starve yourself, you’ll hate yourself tomorrow. Eat sufficiently today, and keep it clean. Simple as that.


Get a tan. Not a “fit” tip I know, but like they say, “If you cant tone it, tan it!”. Its true, a tan goes a LONG way, and it doesn’t have to break your bank. I use St. Moriz instant self-tanning mousse and I swear by it. There are tons of self tanning options available for a quick fix the day of an event. Invest the $20, its’ worth it. You’ll be glowing and feel much more confident, guaranteed!


Fasted Cardio- Fasted cardio is great when preparing for an event! I wake up an do 30 minutes on an empty stomach always the day of an event. Cardio on an empty stomach helps to burn any fat the body may have been storing over night. Every little bit helps!


Apple Cider Vinegar- it tastes disgusting, I know. But it’s benefits massively outweigh the 10 seconds of after taste. Make this drink in the morning the day of your event, or even better for the few days leading up to it. 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 8 oz. hot water, 2 oz. apple juice, cinnamon, and fresh squeezed lemon. All of these ingredients combined are SO detoxifying for your body, speed up your metabolism, and increase day burn.


RELAX. Today is supposed to be fun! Stress causes our bodies to go into fight or flight mode, and retain fat. That’s the last thing you want today is that. In the midst of last minute costume adjustments, getting out of the office early, and finalizing your party plans, its easy to want to pull your hair out. Resist the urge to freak out, and remember that a happy & healthy mind equals a happy & healthy body. So, make sure you are well rested, extra hydrated, well fed, bronzed up, and stress free. That’s your recipe for a fabulous Halloween!


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