Lindsay Lohan’s starring in a TV show with Ron Weasley

Just when the world was starting to give up hope for her former career, Lindsay Lohan surprised us all and got herself a real acting job again!!!!!

And unlike a lot of other actresses looking to make a comeback, she didn’t go with a prestige HBO show or some major network drama about a cop falling in love with the president of a cable conglomerate. No, that would be too pedestrian for her.

Instead Lindsay Lohan picked some random British TV show you’ve never heard of and will probably have a very hard time streaming.

But don’t worry, because she’ll be acting opposite distinguished actor and world renowned heartthrob Ron Weasley.

I don’t know about you, but I smell an Emmy.

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On Monday morning, Lindsay announced to the world that she was “back on set of my new TV show #SickNote.”

And that her hair was back to its OG red roots.

😊Back on set of my new TV show #SickNote 😜

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Now unless you’re one of those people who proudly proclaims they’re an Anglophile to try and make people think you’re more cultured than they are, chances are you’d never heard of Sick Note before.

I know we here at Galore didn’t!

Apparently Ron Weasley is the lead character and he works at an insurance agency. He’s probably incredibly boring and has a hard time getting laid! Bummer. Somehow he gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, and then he somehow he finds out that he’s actually fine. But for some reason he neglects to tell ANYBODY around him that he’s not dying anytime soon. Allegedly hilarity ensues.

Anyway, according to Sky TV, the network Sick Note is on, Lindsay will be joining as Ron Weasley’s boss’ daughter.

Presumably Lindsay and Ron will also have a complicated love story and may or may not make very ginger babies together.

Can’t wait to not watch a single episode!

Congratulations, Lindsay.

We knew you could do it.

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