Victoria’s Secret Designer, Lindsay Degen, Shares Top 5 Tips For Taking Care Of Those Winter Wools!

Victoria’s Secret called upon some local talent to bring some edge to their annual fashion show this year. Brooklyn-based, Ohio-born designer, Lindsay Degen was brought on by the lingerie brand to create looks for the Pink portion of this years runway spectacular,which consisted of social media themed knitwear with words like “OMG” and “JK” woven into her quirky designs. We caught up with the designer to talk about the Victoria’s Secret experience and, of course, how to take care of our winter wools…she is the master, after all! Check it out below! tumblr_mw9qvzPyQS1qci0tzo1_1280 What inspired your work for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show? The social networking theme had already been chosen, but the textiles came from taking those themes and converting it into knitted fabrics. I love the repeating hashtag fabric. How long did all the pieces take to make? We worked on these pieces exclusively for months. The Victoria’s Secret team is extremely detail oriented so everything had to be perfect before we could move into final fitting. Do you think knitting is the underdog of the various production methods? I think most industry people don’t really know that much about knitting so they get scared of making it happen. Knitting is basically a whole different language than draping or pattern making for wovens, so it becomes a little intimidating. tumblr_mwbeerm92G1r3dp6zo1_1280 What music do you like to listen to when you’re getting your knit on? I like to listen to cheesy pop music. I listened to a lot of Taylor and was delighted when she performed at the show!!! Who’s your favorite VS angel from past or present? Working with Barbara Fialho and Jessica Hart was amazing. I’m not that up on model stuff 🙂 What was the best thing you heard backstage at the show? I wasn’t actually backstage at the show (I was SO happy to be front of house) but during fittings there was incessant giggling about boobs looking amazing. What’s the difference between designing for VS and your own line? Honestly- not much. The only real difference is that I get to work on supermodels for VS and I can use super bright colors. DEGEN likes bright colors mixed with dirty colors. VS is also a lot more sexy than DEGEN which was fun to explore. 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show What dead or alive celebrity would be the perfect face of Degen? I always say Lil Wayne is our spirit animal. 5 tips for taking care of winter wools? 1. Keep it in a cedar box to prevent moth attacks. 2. Shave it with a pill shaver to keep it looking fresh. 3. Spot treat as much as possible before throwing in the washer. 4. When you do put the wool in the washer- wash cold but also wash when the washer is FULL to prevent over-agitation and felting. 5. Dont dry it!

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