Linda Perry Knows What’s Up


Alex Catarinella: Hello Linda Perry! I can’t believe I’m interviewing my favorite songwriter/producer/individual in the universe. Who are YOUR favorite songwriters of all time?
Linda Perry: Carole King, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, Roger Waters, John Lennon, George Harrison, Steely Dan, Jeff Lynne… just to name a handful.

AC: Wanna give a shoutout to some ladies who rock?
LP: Chrissie Hynde, Courtney Love, Juliette Lewis, Karen O, Shirley Manson, Pink, Natasha Bedingfield… That feels about right. I mean, there are more but overall I like the diversity in this group.

AC: Are there any artists out there who you’d like to put your Linda Perry stamp on like you did with Pink? I mean, with your help she went from R&B crooner with a cute hot pink pixie-cut to bonafide kick-ass pop goddess.
LP: Madonna for sure — I love her. I’ve got a way about me that she would dig and I feel together we would create something very unique and tap into something she hasn’t experienced. Hey, but that’s just me.

AC: Could you somehow pick your favorite collab?
LP: I stand behind everything I do, even the not so great moments. I favor no one.

AC: Let’s talk about your mega hit “Beautiful” which, duh, you wrote for Christina Aguilera. What’s the story behind writing this worldwide smash? Did you write it with Xtina specifically in mind?
LP: There was no hand picking — more like the song fell into Christina’s hands at the right moment. I wrote this song based on the insecurities I battle with on a daily basis. I wasn’t trying to tell someone else’s story but simply my own. Fortunately and unfortunately this story was and still is universal. The devil of perfection can beat the best of us down.

AC: Aaaand you worked with Courtney f***ing Love on her most recent release. Describe the killer collab in five words.
LP: I f***ing adore Courtney love!

AC: Courtney once gushed in an interview “I only have four feminist heroes, and Linda is probably the top one, because she does things on her own f***ing terms.” Do you consider yourself a feminist?
LP: I’m not even sure if I know what a feminist is. Is that a new girl group?

AC: Ah! I LOVE you. Ok, and last but not least… describe the last time a crazy person came up to you and started belting out “What’s Up?” I’m just assuming this happens all the time. And I may or may not have been singing this minutes before our interview.
LP: (laughs) Actually, just the other day someone emailed my girlfriend a video of all these drunk people singing along to “What’s Up?” literally at the top of their lungs.

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Photographer: Zoey Grossman
Art Director/Producer: Robert Schwartzman
Stylist: Jessica Margolis with Atelier
Stylist Assistant: Natasha Lizz
Makeup: Stacey Tan using MAC cosmetics
Hair: Ramsell Martinez with Streeters
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