Lime Crime legit gave away a free car at Beautycon LA

Beautycon LA was lit last weekend. But you know what’s even more lit? One attendee gets to leave with a brand new Fiat courtesy of Lime Crime. So insane, right?!

The car is covered with Lime Crime artwork — and stuffed with Lime Crime products.

We talked to Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere about this super rad initiative.

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What made Lime Crime want to collab with Fiat for this?

We wanted to give away a fun car that spoke to our brand. The Fiat 500 in Celeste Blu (Retro Light Blue) is a vibrant and quirky compact car — perfect for driving around the city in a pop of color!

What’s a fun fact about this car that makes it perfect for beauty fans?

The color of the car is cool, bright and fun, just like our Lime Crime babes! We were inspired by Teacup, one of our bright blue Matte Velvetines, and the shade Mermaid from our newest Mermaids Hi-Lite palette.

What are the best beauty products to rock on a road trip?

You always want to make sure you’re covering all your bases on a road trip. Neutrals are essential, but a bright pop of color or two should definitely make an appearance in your makeup bag! Some must-have nudes include Cindy, Elle and Sasha from our Girls Girls Girls collection. Try New Americana, Utopia, or Seashell Bra for a bright and bold pop of color!

Where must all beauty babes go on a road trip?

L.A. has our heart, so California’s always our first choice!

What should we look forward to from Lime Crime this year at BeautyCon LA?

We just launched our new California Love Diamond Crushers collection on Aug. 8, which means that BeautyCon attendees will be the first ones to see and play with them in person! The collection includes five shades: L.A., Summer, Unicorn, Heirloom, and Gemini.

L.A. is a mix of pink and orange to represent the blazing L.A. sunset. Summer is a sparkling peach that represents the “land of eternal summer.” Unicorn is a mix of lavender and rainbow that serves as a reminder to be bold and to always stay true to oneself.  Heirloom is a jewel-toned pinky red that reminds Doe Deere, the Founder/CEO, of her grandmother’s earrings she brought with her to L.A. to remind her of where she came from. Gemini is a duo-chrome that shifts from warm to cool in a flash and Doe’s zodiac sign.

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