Lily Aldridge And Jasmine Tookes Share Their Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Beauty Tricks

The 20th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, premiering tomorrow night at 10pm on CBS, will include supermodel interviews, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the fashion show, an exclusive look at the multi-million dollar Fantasy Bra and performances by Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and The Weeeknd. Runway veteran Lily Aldridge, chosen to wear this year’s Fantasy Bra, and new angel Jasmine Tookes took a moment out of their show rehearsal to chat beauty, fitness and everything Victoria’s Secret. From the best makeup to wear on the runway to their pre-show workout prep, here’s how Lily and Jasmine got supermodel ready for the sexiest day on television.

Galore Mag: What products are necessary for achieving a no-makeup-makeup runway look?

Jasmine Tookes: You just need to have a really good bronzer and waterproof mascara. Those things will make your face look much more awake, and camera ready!

GM: Why are Victoria’s Secret bras the best?

JT: I think the best part about the bras is the extreme lift! It gives you something extra, but it’s still really comfortable and easy for girls to wear.

Galore Mag: What’s a fun, easy workout you do to prep for the show?

Lily Aldridge: An easy exercise I did to get ready for the show was just lay on the floor and lift one knee up at a time to work my core!

GM: How do you make your entire body glow on the runway?

LA: Victoria Secret has a really good body bronzer! They always give it to us in gift bags and I keep it by the side of my bed. I like the Beach Sexy Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion because it gives you a gradual tan.

GM: What’s your favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrance?

LA: Very Sexy Now is a great fragrance. It’s light and perfect for every season.

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