Lil Debbie On Weed, Ratchet Hoes, And Marrying Lana Del Rey

The word ratchet has been thrown around loosely these last couple months, but Lil Debbie has always been its princess. Hailing from Oakland, this California party gal is prepping to drop her EP California Sweetheart… today! Debbie started in the rap game as the lookalike of fellow white-girl rapper Kreayshawn in the iconic “Gucci Gucci” video. Since then, Debbie has broken out as a rap starlette in her own right, making cameos in songs like “Squirt” with Riff Raff. Her viral anthems “Ratchet” and “Michelle Obama” have respectively reached a million views on YouTube, serving as full inspiration for videos like Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” Lil Debbie’s latest video “Bake a Cake” has her cooking up sick rhymes while looking like a mix between a badass Marie Antoinette, and Martha Stewart—after jail. We caught up with Debbie during a shoot for Married To The Mob right before her big party at Gold Bar with Mob and Venus X (which was EVERYTHING) and she filled us in about herself:

Who is your new EP “California Sweetheart” for?

My EP is for all the bitches who WANNA be ratchet, or for all the people who have a little ratchet hiding in them. It’s a fun EP, the party side.

Any collaborations?

No I wanted to come out as just me – no other features. I didn’t want people to be confused as to who I am. The collaborations all with production – I worked with Nik Nikateen and Benny Cassette (who also worked with Kanye West)

You’ve collaborated with a number of people now, is there anyone left you’d like to work with?

After I get my own shit finished I’ll collaborate more, like I want to do stuff with Lil’ B, Migos and Sasha Go Hard

Where does Lil Debbie fall in the rap game?

On the West Coast! I know people that rap from the West Coast that don’t even rep it. I’m a Cali Sweetheart, its my thing. I try to rep it as much as I can.


How old were you when you started rapping?

Well me and Kreayshawn were in a group called Cupcake Princess Ponies, we had a whole MySpace mixtape – that’s where it all started.

What are Lil Debbie fans called?

My Debbies, my babies, my little cakes.

I know you have a strain of weed out, what’s it like?

It’s amazing, it’s really sticky. It’s fire! You’ll be feeling it for a couple hours. It’s pure California loud.

What’s your favorite kind of weed?

My first weed love was ‘lavender kush’ but now I’m all about ‘Jack harrer.’

Who influences your style?

More men are my inspiration, like Cam’Ron. Most women just try to do too much to get attention.

What about when you were a kid?

Spice Girls, duh! I was a mix between Sporty and Posh. I grew up with Tina Turner and Carly Simon too, so there’s that.

What would Lil Debbie’s documentary be called?

West Coast Bitch!

What would the name of your sextape be?

Sweetheart Gone Sour or Sweetheart Takes The D

Do you spit or swallow?

Spit, for sure

What’s your favorite zodiac sign?

I’m an Aquarius but my favorite sign is a Scorpio


Who’s the hottest Disney Princess?


You might be ratchet if…

You don’t wash your hair for like 2 weeks.

Who would you “Marry, F***, Kill”: Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, or Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus KILL, I’ll f*** Taylor Swift and I’d marry Lana Del Rey, for sure.

If Lil Debbie was the president of the US what would be her first order of business?

Make weed legal everywhere, duh.

What women do you look up to the most?

Some bougie bitches like Anna Wintour. Some high class bitch! And The Manrepeller, I’m down for her.

 Interview and Photos: Carlos Santolalla

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