Lil Debbie: On Twerking, Weed & Lil Kim


Photo by Jacob Dekat
Styling Prince Chenoa

You started in the game as a stylist and DJ in White Girl Mob. What made you want to be a female rapper?
When I got kicked out of White Girl Mob. I got a lot of hate and a lot of talk from people saying I wasn’t gonna be shit and that I would never make it in general. So I said f*** it! I’m a prove them wrong and here I am!

Favorite female rapper of all time:
Lil Kim

Favorite designer of all time:
I don’t want anyone to know my secrets, but I do love that chick who designs Married To The Mob though.

You have been the face of Married to the Mob’s latest collection and the face of Mob’s Palladium Boot collection. How has this experience been, and have you ever wanted to start your own clothing label?
This has been hella fun! Me & Leah have a great synergy. Since day one when we met, we clicked. I feel like this has been a great look for both sides. The Mob awareness is at a full time high and all of these bitches are scared of what we’re about to do and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. As for starting my own label: of course I do, but it has to make sense and it has to be done right. I’m not doing anything WACK.

Vanilla Ice vs Eminem
Is this a superhero fight? If you’re comparing the two, I like them both.

Cali weed is the best. What is your favorite strain?
My strain is the BEST! “Lil Debbie OG”

Debbie Cakes is your nick name what is your favorite cake flavor?
Red Velvet

Why do so many female rappers have beef? Can’t we all just get along?
These bitches be bored after lurking each other and all they do is sub tweet each other and then the dumb shit begins…Unfortunately “We all just can’t get along”.

Tupac vs Biggie
I like them both!

White girls twerking and Miley Cyrus?
I don’t twerk. I have a twerker and her name is Remy Fox. These hoes are late. Honestly it just makes me feel like a proud Mom to see all of my daughters following in my footsteps.

What can we expect on the new record coming in March?
Expect the unexpected. That’s all I will say.

Who would you like to musically collaborate with this year?
ASAP Ferg & Future. That’s just me though.

Hair David Munoz

Make up Jorge Monroy

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