Online Exclusive: Lil Debbie For Married To The Mob SS2014

Rapper Lil Debbie plays muse once again for Married to the Mob, this time for their Spring ’14 campaign shot by Prince and Jacob. We spoke to the Leah McSweeney, founder of Married to the Mob- check out the pix and shop the collection at MTTM .






We are seeing more flowers in this collection. Is the mob getting pretty this season? 
Hell yeah MOB is always pretty. I would say we are a perfect combo of bad ass and pretty.
How did the Palladium x MTTM collab come about? 
I’ve been wanting to work with Palladium for years. My sister Sarah models for them and introduced us. A lot of MOB girls already love Palladium so its great to offer our customer a co-branded boot.
Whats up with you and Lil Debbie she is like the BOSSY BITCH of MTTM?
She has really been a complete muse for me. I get inspired by her style and music. She embodies the MOB chick. Its like a love affair. MOB can not get enough of her. We have more projects coming out together along with her album release.
I love being able to work with such cool chicks like her. I feel super lucky.
What kind of girls are Married to the Mob?
I honestly feel like I have the most awesome customers and fans. They are loyal. They get what I do and they understand my messages are beyond
Ink on a tee. I LOVE my MOB bitches.
What do you like most about NYC?
How can I answer this? It’s the best city in the world. And its home. Traveling is fun but coming home to NYC always feels so good. A warm wave always washes over me when i’m in a cab driving back to my crib. From JFK or wherever. It’s just a really good feeling.
Favorite secret mob spot in NYC:
Pita Express and Spa 88. Lower Manhattan represent.
You are the supreme bitch of street wear, what brands do you like right now?
MSGM, Rag and Bone, Fubu,
Sneakers or Boots? 
Brian Atwood or the  Palladium Mob  Boots in Black
What do you look for in a guy?



Photography: Jacob DeKat

Creative Direction/Styling: Prince Chenoa

Hair: Daved Munoz

Make-up: Jorge Monroy

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