The Life Is Beautiful 2018 Music Festival had an insane lineup, and even better energy

Life Is Beautiful was not short of a good time with headliners such as The Weeknd, Arcade Fire, Travis Scott, and Tyler The Creator.

If you haven’t heard of the music festival, it first debuted in 2013 in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. It is an art, culinary, and music experience with all the same central idea – life is beautiful and should be celebrated. With a diverse line up each year, the music offered all weekend differs from hip hop, rap, R&B, EDM, alternative rock, and indie.

I had the opportunity to go and experience the festival first hand. The environment within this music festival is unlike any other. The crowd of festival goers that attend are unique, expressive, and fun loving. Everyone I encountered was open to fun conversation and lasting friendships were made throughout the past weekend.

Bringing people together with music and art, each festival goer and artist alike have had beautiful moments to celebrate. What makes life beautiful to us is individual and unique. The attendees and artist both cultivated an environment of love and celebration of life.

Having had the pleasure to sit down with a couple artists this past weekend, I asked them all, “What makes life beautiful to you?” Read out below to see what these performers gave as their answer: Lane 8, Poolside, What So Not, Sofi Tukker, and Mikky Ekko!

Lane 8

(Photo by FilmMagic for Life Is Beautiful)

What makes life beautiful to me is being able to share what I love with the with the people that I love. Whether that be music or just time spent together. Ultimately for me, that is what it is all about and that is when i think life is the most beautiful.


(Photo by FilmMagic for Life Is Beautiful)

Jeffrey Paradise

Good wine, good weed, good friends. Dancing in the street.

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What So Not

(Photo by FilmMagic for Life Is Beautiful)

Well, I call my album ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ and the whole idea behind that was that sometimes we become so caught up in where we want to be eventually. What we think is important, ideas that are imposed on us by society/parents/friends, or whatever it might be we don’t pay attention to the beautiful things that might exist every single day all around us. What you might find as a small agitation could really be a lesson that helps you in a prominent situation where it is really important. That is what makes life beautiful to me.

Sofi Tukker


That feeling of being connected to yourself, nature, humans, or the animals. Honestly there is always an opportunity to see the beauty in life. It is just about being present or connected with whatever is around you.


Human connection on all levels. When we connect with crowds there is an energy of connecting. Amazing mutual understanding between us and the crowds and friends alike.

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Mikky Ekko

You know there is a lot of things I would’ve said before I watched the documentary on Mr. Rogers. I think kids make life beautiful. They don’t have preconceived notions about what life is supposed to be like. People who are caring and give knowledge to children about the whole world. That is what makes life beautiful.

Concert photography courtesy of  Film Magic

Film photography by Amber Duran

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