4 Lies That Healthy Drinkers Tell Themselves

Being healthy is a struggle for anybody, even and especially if you’re living on your own, without your parents to put well-balanced meals on your plate at the same time each night. The temptations of late night pizza runs and free food at random events around the city are daunting. If you somehow manage to stick to a healthy diet, make it to the gym every day, there is one area that no health-freak can avoid- drinking.

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1. If I don’t eat dinner, then I’ll drink less- and consume less calories!

You are not going to drink less because you didn’t eat dinner, but you are going to get more drunk. Getting more drunk probably means that you’re going to need food later in the night. So instead of your home-cooked meal that you decided to skip, you’re gorging on cheese fries at 3 am. Not to mention that not eating before a night out is a one way ticket to black-out city.


2. I just won’t drink any beer

I’m not saying beer is healthy- but neither is your vodka-cranberry (In case you didn’t realize, they’re not using organic cranberry juice at the bar). Beer may make you feel bloated, but in reality, a sugar-y drink is just going to give you a worse hangover and lead to you ordering hangover food tomorrow morning. Not that any alcoholic beverages are healthy, but the clearer the drink, the less calories. Stick to a vodka-soda or even better, a vodka-water. Can’t stand the taste? Ask for extra limes!


3. Red wine is good for you!

Red wine is hands down my favorite drink, and it’s true that one glass a night is healthy for you heart, which is awesome. However, just because it’s healthy for your heart doesn’t mean that it’s slimming for your waist. Besides, when’s the last time you stuck to just one glass of wine?


4. I went to the gym for 2 hours today- so I can drink a lot tonight and not feel guilty!

You should always exercise regardless, but you’ll never be able to exercise a bad diet, it doesn’t work that way. Ever hear that abs are made in the kitchen? Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s true. You can do 100 crunches every damn day, but they’re not going to show up until you stop drinking a margarita pitcher every damn night.


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