Lianne La Havas Is Back With An Unstoppable New Song

Although her 2012 debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? was certified silver in the UK, Lianne La Havas remains a virtually unknown name in the US.  Now, three years later, with a sophomore album set to be released this summer, this 25-year-old Brit seems poised for international stardom.  As if we needed another reason to wish summer was here already.


It’s hard to pin down exactly what kind of music La Havas makes, and that’s exactly the way she wants it.  Her debut album showed the singer “restlessly prowling between styles” and emotional highs and lows with ease.  In an interview with The Guardian, La Havas voiced her discomfort with being seen as just one type of artist saying, “If you’re a black female singer, there’s this feeling you have to do urban music, R&B, Soul, and only that.  But that isn’t what it’s about…I don’t want to put in a box.”


On her new track “Unstoppable” La Havas conjures up that irresistibly sweeping feeling of being in the first thralls of love when every kiss is world-stopping and you can’t help but be filled with the conviction that this bliss will be never-ending  Even if it’s been a while since you’ve experienced that feeling, “Unstoppable” will instantly bring you back and leave you breathless for more.

Is it too early to start making a summer playlist yet?

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