Liane V On How To Turn Social Media Success Into A Personal Brand

Liane Valenzuela never expected to become a multi-media star. A few years back she was just an ambitious California girl with a sense of humor and an iPhone. In 2014, she signed up for a Vine account, under the name Liane V and fans flocked to her hilariously relatable videos. Just like that, Liane exploded into a social media powerhouse with more than four million followers. Never content to rest, she turned her success into a personal brand. Today, Liane writes, records and produces her own urban R&B, makes music videos, tours, and designs chic streetwear for the NOAH Collection. From the girl who literally does it all, here are the secrets to success, including her biggest style secret…

On Social Media: Social media has changed my life by giving me a career. It has allowed me to build a platform to promote my brand, and also make an income out of promoting other brands.

On The Secret To Going Viral: Constantly create and put out content.

On Social Media And Style: I’ve always loved fashion, I haven’t really changed how I dress. I love wearing anything I feel comfortable in.

On Her NOAH Collection Clothing Line: I collaborated with Shiekh Shoes to create an Exclusive streetwear line called NOAH. The name NOAH stands for New Opportunity And Hope, and I have a dog named Noah who inspired our logo!

On Dressing For Tours: You know I always bring plenty of NOAH t-shirts! So I pack stuff to match that: basically anything goes with t-shirts and crop tops. I bring shorts, jeans, ankle boots, Timbs, sneakers, snapbacks and accessories, like earrings, rings, watches, body chains.

On What’s Next For Her: I just released my EP “Lessons In Love”, which is available on iTunes. So my next step is a lot of rehearsing, performing and promoting my music, and shooting music videos. I am also expanding my NOAH Collection line, and releasing crop tops, tank tops, leather snapbacks and bucket hats. Expect me to wear pretty much anything! I always like to switch things up.

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