These LGBTQ+ Youtube couples will make you believe in love

While the rest of wallow (or bask) in our lonely love lives, these LGBTQ+ Youtube couples are out here living their best lives honey. When Youtube relationship channels started to become a big thing, these lovely ladies saw there was a lack in lgbtq+ love among that community. So, they decided to show what was going on in their lives with the person they love, and it has definitely made Youtube a better place.

Check out these cute couples and try not to feel too much relationship envy now.

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Nali and Dylan

Nali and Dylan are the cutest couple you will ever see. They met through a mutual friend on Instagram and fell in love ever since. “We made our channel together to help bridge the gap of representation we don’t see in the media of black queer relationships” said Nali. Not only that, but their videos are so wholesome and adorable, it will give you all the feels (and killer playlist recommendations, too).

“We are hoping to fill the place of QPOC role models we didn’t get to look up growing up. Our channel represents a safe space where we can share our thoughts and ideas to the world.”

Check out their channel here.


Tifficatay first fell in love by making each other their #WCW on twitter in 2014 (when they were friends) and the rest was history. Who doesn’t love a good modern day romance?

These lovebirds have been together for almost three years and decided to document their lives together through the ups and downs. Also, can you believe they first started their relationship long distance? Amazing.

Check out their channel here.

Bria and Chrissy

I love you endlessly ~B

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 Bria and Chrissy have been together for almost six years and had this channel for over 5 years! Their vlog first started out because Bria has memory problems, so she wanted to document their daily lives with each other to remember all the amazing stuff they do together. Also both Bria and Chrissy wanted to show what a “healthy lesbian relationship looked like.”

Their channel is a hodgepodge filled with Q&A’s, song covers, sit down discussions about their lives, and funny youtube pranks/ videos.

Check out their channel here.


Weekend escape from reality #hardsummer #hsmf

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Diana and Lina call themselves “a lesbian couple who happens to be asian” hence, the Lesbiasianz were born. They travel around the world with each other and document their cute challenges, pranks, and daily excursions with each other.

Their relationship is the best because they bounce off each other so well and you can tell they truly enjoy each other’s company

Check out their channel here.

Jing & Monica

Spending tonight’s #datenight at @sacramentokings game!! #jimonic

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 Jing and Monica started their Youtube channel in 2012!!!They both went to the same high school together, but it wasn’t until after high school they started exploring their relationship. They were together for five years and finally in 2012 they got married (they recently celebrated their 10th anniversary omg)!!

They both have been documenting their pregnancy journeys on their Youtube channel and their lives as a growing, loving family.

Check out their channel here.

Mrs. & Mrs. Johnson

My baby ❤! All that ass back dey ‍♀.

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Ashley and Red or “Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson” hit each other’s DM’s on twitter in 2013 (even though they are debating to this day who hopped in who’s DM’s first). They have been married for four years and have the most CUTEST little baby boy named Bash together. Their relationship is hilarious with a huge dose of real.

Check out their channel here.

Frankie and Tiaa

Frankie and Tiaa are the cutest married couple you will ever see. They met on Facebook (look at social media bringing couples together!), recently got married in 2016, and have two kids together. They documented their pregnancy journeys (going the sperm donor route, getting legal aid, etc.) and vlog about their lives together.

Now I know most of these youtube couples dabble in pranks, but this couple is the OG CRAZIEST PRANKSTERS. It’s insane what they do to each other (and insane how they don’t hate each other by now lol).

Check out their channel here.


Ebony and Denise originally started their Youtube channel to explain how happy they were about Obama being re-elected, and it has blossomed into something way bigger ever since. They have been together for 11 years now, have been married for 5, and have an amazing family together (3 kids!!).

Their channel is filled with losses and triumphs (from pregnancy journey, to relationship struggles, to family hardships) that will surely inspire you and warm your heart.

Check out their channel here.


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