Lexi Atkins’ “Purr” is a bubblegum pink feline fantasy

Lexi Atkins just blessed our lives with a music video to go with her new girl power anthem “Purr,” and we guarantee it’ll put you in the mood for head-to-toe pink and world domination.

The singer, model and actress (you might have seen her in “Ted 2” and “The Boy Next Door”) also produced, styled, directed and edited the music video, which makes her a triple-threat-times-two. It’s a glorious hot-pink explosion that proves no matter how much of a girly girl you are, you have an inner feline that’s as badass as can be.

The track was actually inspired by Lexi’s cat. Lexi was at her apartment with the song’s producers, talking about how funny her cat can be, when they started to sing and make a beat about the kitty.

“We started singing ‘blame it on the purr,’ which is still something we constantly say,” she said. They turned this concept into the song, and now the music video.

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Lexi gave it a 90s feel as a tribute to the decade in which she was born. She also made the visuals as feminine as possible and got all dolled up in a fashion-forward cat costume. And keep an eye out for the video’s trademark alien cameo — Lexi inserts an alien into pretty much every visual she creates!

Lexi’s new album, “LA,” will be released in early 2018. She’s also putting out a music video for every song, and she’s creating the entire visual album with a small crew of about five people. You can follow Lexi on Instagram for updates here.

Check out “Purr” below and thank us when the catchy beat gets stuck in your head for the next five hours!

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