Levitation Festival 2015: Women To Watch

We’re so ready to run away this weekend, dance under the Austin stars and relish in the amazing Levitation Festival 2015 lineup. Hats off to the ladies who are about to rightfully steal all of the festival spotlight despite the lineup being comprised of almost all male acts. But we have reason to celebrate: It’s been an exciting time in music seeing so many women at the forefront, inspiring and empowering girls everywhere. This is the kind of stuff we live for. Whether you’re tripping out on the ranch with us this weekend or just looking for a new favorite band, here are the Levitation Festival 2015 must-see acts from the most badass band babes around.

LA Witch, Levitation Festival 2015

1. L.A. Witch

LA Witch, Levitation Festival 2015

We have your newest obsession and definite girl crushes: garage psych-rock trio, L.A. Witch. You can find us front row at their showcase on Saturday. Also – we’re dying to hear more from their upcoming record!

2. Tamaryn

Tamaryn, Faith Silva, Galore Mag

Ranking high on our best new music radar, we think Cranekiss is going to be one gorgeous record. Teach us your ways, Tamaryn.

3. Chelsea Wolfe


Our queen of the pop underworld was a late, but much needed addition to the Psych Fest lineup. We’re hoping Chelsea plays new songs from Abyss, we’re already listening to “Iron Moon” on repeat.

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