Let Celebs Take Naked Pix in Peace

If you say that you have never taken a naked picture of yourself then you are either lying or you are missing out on one of the most freeing, empowering and sexy pass times that can either be shared or kept for your own private pleasure.


And here’s the thing: They are private. A nude selfie isn’t taken to be shared with strangers on the web. You are not trafficking in porn if you stand topless in front of your bedroom mirror and think you look fabulous enough to be photographed today. Which is why if your private photographs suddenly become public, there is only one person who should be ashamed and that is not you darling.


Of course, in the midst of this conversation, there are a few high profile women who are dealing with the judgement of a nude selfie on a grand scale. Emma Watson’s 4Chan threat may have turned out to be a hoax but Jennifer Lawrence’s weren’t and neither were Rihanna’s or Megan Fox’s.


But why the backlash? Why the negative response? What is so “scandalous” about a nude picture? Nude female figures have been regarded as works of art since before the renaissance in Greek and Roman sculpture. The practice of showing your naked body to another is as natural as the animal mating process. And certainly your body and what you do with it are nobody’s business but your own.


Which is why if any negative response is felt at the prospect of Emma Watson’s “nude photos” or any other female celebrity or even a non-celebrity woman who’s privacy has been breeched, it should be directed toward the pervert who hacked into this woman’s phone in the first place. Because there may be nude photos on someone’s phone, but if you are looking at them without permission, then it is you who should feel ashamed.

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