“I Want To Have Anal, But I’m A Lesbian”


Recently a friend of mine told me she really wanted to experiment with anal sex. Being a sex and dating columnist, I immediately launched into all of the tips I had read and researched about butt things before she stopped me. There was just one problem for my friend, she’s gay.

Face palming at how I could have forgotten completely about the lack of D in her life, I immediately rebounded, telling her that just because she loves women, doesn’t mean she can’t love taking it up the butt as well (and to be frank, pretty much anywhere else that a girl ‘takes things up’).

For lesbians who want to do butt stuff, welcome to the wonderful world of strap ons! Strap ons, as you may know, consist of two parts; a freestanding dildo, and a harness that’s worn around your waist and thighs. You slip the dildo into the harness, and viola—you have a temporary phallus with which to do whatever you please.

The AMAZING thing about anal sex (or shall we call it gaynal sex?) with strap ons in particular is that you get to control so much about the experience. Unlike hetero anal sex, if you’re a lesbian having anal, you get to choose how big or small the proverbial “d” is that goes inside you. Which is great for those who may be reluctant to try anal because of pain related issues. You can also choose from a wide range of textures. Our favorite NYC sex toy retailer Babeland suggests these lovely Silk Dildos for beginners, because of their smooth, slick feel and shape which is ideal for anal entry. But you could also try the Mason which is made from silicone and feels strikingly similar to skin–if you’re into something more realistic.

And if you’re really into having both partners stimulated at once, you could try any of the multiple selections of double dildos on the market (two pronged dildos meant to be worn with a strap on, with pieces that go inside both the wearer and the other partner), or add a small vibrator for extra stimulation.

And of course, if you don’t want to go all out yet, but are still interested in anal play, you could always try things like anal plugs and wear them while you are going about your normal sex routine.

Being a gay girl doesn’t mean you have to skip out on things like anal, or even vaginal penetration. It just means that you get to determine the exact experience you have with this type of play. So go forth my gay bbys and have all the anal you’ve ever desired.

P.S. Don’t forget lube.

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