46 Beautiful Gifs that Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves to Finally Win an Oscar

What do you get for the pretend boyfriend who has everything?

Leonardo DiCaprio has looks, charm, acting chops, and an endless stream of beautiful model girlfriends. The only thing he doesn’t have: an Oscar (and a date with you because you’re playing hard to get).

To no one’s surprise, Leo headed up a list of very attractive nominees this morning, receiving an Academy Award nod for the sixth time ever, this time for his role in The Revenant.

But his ongoing failure to clinch a statuette — despite having starred in dozens of high-quality films since the 90s — has become a running joke online and in the film industry.

But we’re still rooting for him. So to remind the Academy of Leo’s incredible acting range, we’ve assembled 46 of his hottest onscreen moments in gif form — one for every day from now until the Oscars. Think of it like a sexy advent calendar leading up to the Feb. 28 awards. 46 shades of Leo!

1. Laughing Leo

2. Windy Bangs Leo

3. Stop Making Smoking Look So Hot Leo

4. Nervous About Matthew McConaughey Leo

5. DGAF Leo

6. Cheers Leo

7. Incredible Lighting Leo

8. Goofy Tie and Fist Chomp Leo

9. Bestie Leo

10. Way-Too-Good-For-Daisy Leo

11. Hot Near a Clock Leo

12. Truth-Speaking Leo

13. Contemplative Leo

14. Coked Out Dancing Groom Leo

15. Frosted Tips Leo?!?!

16. Impregnating Girls With a Single Hair Flip Leo

17. Gracious Party Host Leo

18. Smelly But Still Hot Leo

19. Only If the Party’s In Your Pants, Leo

20. Hot Williamsburg Dad Leo

21. Hot When He’s Angry Leo

22. Hot Yuppie Dad Leo

23. Bloody Tears Leo

24. Tongue Leo

25. Aspirational Steerage Passenger Leo

26. Adderall O.D. Leo

27. Fishtank Leo

28. Funny Leo

29. Suit of Armor Leo

30. Excellent Father Leo

31. The Perfect Amount of Abs Leo!!!

32. LOLing Leo

33. Made-You-Look Leo 😉

34. Magical Chimney Sweep Leo

35. Frenzied Makeout Leo

36. Weird Morning Ritual Leo

37. Extreme Side Part Leo

38. Windswept Leo II

39. Sad Hawaiian Shirt Leo

40. Emotionally Repressed Irish Catholic Leo

41. Shrugging Leo

42. Film Noir Leo

43. Poetic Leo

44. Sure, Of Course, Anything Leo

45. OMG Such a Cuddly Leo

46. Academy, How Could  You Say No to This Leo?


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