Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrated His Oscar By Furiously Vaping

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his first Oscar win last night by sipping a cocktail and puffing on a vape inside Ago Hollywood, and TMZ has the cringe-inducing footage.

Leo’s love of the vape pen been upsetting people for some time now (he smoked his e-cigarette inside the recent SAG awards), and has apparently inspired his new bestie, Tom Hardy, to purchase one as well.

Upon entering Ago Hollywood, Leo was showered in so much attention by paparazzi and partygoers, that by the time he left — presumably high and overwhelmed — he forgot his new prize possession in the restaurant.

Luckily, someone ran after his car and delivered the Oscar back to its rightful owner. Put down the vape and pick up the Oscar, bro! TMZ caught the footage here:

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