Lenka Is A Much-Needed Positive Pop Role Model

Australian actress and pop darlinwg Lenka has solidified herself as a household name ‘down under’ and has found fans all over the world since the release of her debut self-titled record in 2008. Seven years later and Lenka’s life has changed in extraordinary ways; meeting her husband, having a child and transforming into an even more positive self. So aptly titled, The Bright Side is Lenka’s catchy celebration of optimism.

Lenka, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Lenka is an all-around rockstar: balancing the life as a gorgeous pop star, actress and devoted mother to a young boy. Over the years Lenka’s music has constantly evolved and her positivity a reflection of the loves in her life. “Having a kid was a profound, biological happiness-provider for me,” Lenka said. While motherhood can be a challenge, as her son gets older Lenka finds herself sitting back and taking life as it comes. “I have this “who cares” attitude now, and that is really freeing,” she said.

Lenka, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

“It’s about finding joy and keeping it and having an open, optimistic frame of mind.”

With her own personal happiness at an all time high, spreading love and kindness to others in any way she can is an important goal. “Even just energetically putting that out there, and maybe encouraging people online around the world to do the same,” Lenka said, “It’s a small thing, but I think it helps in the long run.” This includes supporting MicroLoan Foundations that help women in developing nations get on their feet, in addition to countless other causes like environmental missions that aim to save her home country’s Great Barrier Reef. And if sharing kindness through her music can help the world at all, then that’s a powerful step too.

Lenka, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

The Bright Side, Lenka’s fourth studio album, is another affirmation of her beautiful brand of pop music with a ray of sunshine; an album that you can feel good about loving. Lenka said positivity was the main focus in creating her newest record. “It’s about finding joy and keeping it and having an open, optimistic frame of mind,” Lenka said. While she does hope the message is infectious, the songwriting process brought her a heap of personal happiness. “Go Deeper”, a song Lenka first wrote in 2006, is something very special that made it’s way onto the album. “The person I wrote it about is now my husband, so I think it has good juju.” Just like the joy and passion girl-power divas Cyndia Lauper and Beyonce bring to Lenka, she too is spreading her positivity to fans through the songs on The Bright Side.

Lenka, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Photography by: Angelo Kritikos
Wardrobe styling by: Wilford Lenov
Lenka wears: Six Crisp Days, Joyrich and Zada Jewelry

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