Lena Dunham Launches ‘Lenny Shop’ Just In Time For All Your Feminist Holiday Shopping Needs

This past fall Lena Dunham decided to launch Lenny Letter, an email newsletter released twice a week, covering things including but not limited to fashion and feminism. Today, Dunham announced in Lenny Letter the arrival of Lenny Shop, an accompanying online shop that stocks the quirky goodies you would expect from the Writer/Producer/Star of HBO’s Girls. Currently the site sells tees and sweatshirts, incense holders, hanging banners, and our personal 2 favorites, “Nudes” Nail Wraps, and a “Dismantle the Patriarchy” Patch Set. The Lenny x Rad Nail Wraps are only $12 and feature, you guessed it, some cheeky vignettes of nudes, just abstract enough to toe the line between tastefully provocative and inappropriate. Meanwhile, the Lenny X Rosehound Apparel patch set is perfect for decking out you and your girl gang’s jackets, denim or leather is up to you. The perfect combination of sweet pastels and distaste for the patriarchy, these patches make a statement while still being cute as hell. We’re hoping that Lenny Shop only continues to expand their range and continues to be a shop that, as the founders of the store described in the announcement this morning, “rep[s] grassroots feminist businesses and also wouldn’t force you to spend your entire rent on an ankle boot with a weird zipper.”Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.26.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.26.03 PM

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