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Upcoming artist Leon Else has impressed our ear drum, now let him impress yours. Check out his EP Full of Liquor, and read his interview with us below!



How did you get into music?
I don’t really know how I got into music. All I know is I have been singing since I can remember and have been obsessed with music and remember feeling really strong feelings towards music from a really young age. My mum loves music and had great taste so was always blaring out music loud and singing. I felt the need to write my first song when I was 12, called “My Daydreaming Girl.” I didn’t say to myself “oh I’m going to write a song” I was just singing then I starting singing my own melody and put my own words to it, and then next it was done. It was like a need to do it, so I wouldn’t say I got into music, I would say music just happened naturally and I would say at 12 was a starting point as writing songs 🙂

Describe your sounds:
Soul, Pop, Rock `n Roll, R&B fused music. It never sits still.

Tell us about you River Full Of Liquor EP:
My EP is about a certain time. A place that I was in. That why I chose these songs. “River Full of Liquor” is about a lifestyle, touching upon the many things going on. “Cheap Hotel” is more about a single situation that happened due to the lifestyle, and “Messed Up” was about what was going on in my head through all of this. I felt that this EP is more of a beginning middle and end, the situation, the story and the reasons. I felt that it fitted together well and was constant to introduce people to me and things I have experienced. I want it to be truthful and personal. It was a dark time in my life and a place i have moved on from so it’s now something i feel i can share.

What are you main influences?
My main influence is everyday life. How I am feeling and things I am experiencing, this has a huge impact on my writing and sounds. Prince is a big influence, Queen, David Bowie, Amy Wihnehouse, Bruno Mars, Lauryn hill Drake, Kanye West the list goes on so many things do inspire me. Even Tim Burton who is a massive idol of mine influences me so much.

Who would dream of working with?
Prince oh yessss!!! Kanye West, Paolo Nutini, Chris Martin, Areosmith.

Which artist do you like listening to?
Amy Winehouse she was the best and Lauryn Hill. They both have made some of the best music to ever have been made, timeless.

What’s been a highlight so far?
Playing my first festival at Radio One’s Big Weekend was amazing and hearing my song on Radio One and Radio 1xtra by the amazing DJ’S there. Was crazy! And still surreal!

What’s coming up next?
More music, my animations, more live dates, get my butt to America to perform too! I’m so excited!!! 🙂

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