Leah McSweeney Talks Petition Against TMZ’s Hate For Pregnant Women

Unfortunately, as much as things seem like they’ve progressed for women, there’s always some bullshit that holds us back. And in this case it’s TMZ, they don’t exactly have the best reputation and Leah McSweeney of Married to the Mob clothing and friend of Galore has launched a petition for the media network to stop hating pregnant women. We caught up with her to discuss this super important campaign against misogyny.

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Hi Leah, if you could tell our readers would love to know what exactly TMZ have been up to in terms of being offensive towards pregnant women?
TMZ really goes above and beyond to target pregnant women and their appearance. Headlines such as “Christina Aguilera Thinned Down Just in time TO PORK UP AGAIN”. Is that really a way to announce someone being pregnant? Pretty sickening.

You’ve launched a petition against TMZ and it’s misogyny, what is your ideal outcome of the petition? What would help women the most and prevent this from happening more?
I want a conversation to start to help women not be insecure about their appearance during pregnancy. And for women to understand its not realistic to lose the baby weight in a month like TMZ praises certain celebs for doing. If the petition catches on and actually gets TMZ to be more sensitive to this matter then that will be absolutely fantastic. I hope it does.

Do you think it’s become extremely normal to hate women, specifically who are pregnant, mothers, put on weight?
I think its normal for Harvey Levin. He is most definitely a woman hater and must have some mommy issues. Get a shrink Harvey!

By TMZ promoting offensive words about women, what do you think that says about our broader climate and the world we live in?
Look we all know women are exploited and judged on how they look. This is something as women we learn to cope with no matter what we look like. I am in the fashion industry and I know first hand its not pretty or fair. But there has to be line somewhere. The line has to be AT LEAST with pregnancy. This is a sacred time. Leave the pregnant women alone.

Do you think this normal of other publications too?
There is no other publication with a status such as TMZ’s that bashes women so openly and disgustingly.

How do you think we can each individually help change this culture of misogyny and achieve a more positive society for women?
Change begins with one person wanting to make a difference. That’s the first thing. The second thing is being more tolerant and loving. The third thing is having giant media companies be held responsible for what they put out to the public.

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