Leah Johnsen Reveals 7 Ways To Add Color To Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is here, and while we’re sure you’re eager to start wearing layers of your darkest clothing, it’s a good thing to remember that a pop of color will save you from a season of drab. Model Leah Johnsen shows you how in this editorial shot by Frankie Mark and gives her 7 ways to add color in your fall wardrobe.

Galore Mag Leah Johnsen

1. Adding warm, bright scarves!

2. Try a bold, or even metallic leather jacket.

3. Opt for a dark red lip.

4. If you’re wearing bright colors, choose neutral accessories.

5. Add a fun, fluffy and colorful jacket to any black outfit.

6. Mix fabrics and try color-blocking!

7. Colorful denim always gives your outfit a boost.

Galore Mag Leah Johnsen
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Galore Mag Leah Johnsen
Galore Mag Leah Johnsen
Galore Mag Leah Johnsen

Photos by Frankie Mark – Nancy Gomez

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