How To Get A Bombshell Body In A Week According To Author Lauryn Evarts

Would you buy a plan that promises you the perfect body for summer in just one week? Author Lauryn Evarts, of the recently published “Skinny Confidential” book, is also the creator of the “Skinny Confidential” blog and a new Bombshell Body Guide. Lauryn’s body guide is in the spirit of thousands of online diet plans that boast gaurenteed perfect bodies in a miniscule amount of time, so what makes this one different? “It’s not a diet plan, it’s a lifestyle plan,” says the blogger of her project. Lauryn’s “Bombshell Body Guide” was designed to help people achieve their personal best summertime body through balanced work out and diet. It’s up to you to see if it really works… Get a preview of the program by reading our interview with Lauryn about her new book and diet plan!
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Guilty pleasure? Easy! Chips, spicy salsa, guacamole, & a margarita. HEAVEN. Add a good book or a super gossip-y US Weekly & I’m golden.
What is “A Week’s Worth Of Working Out And Eating”? What do you think the program will achieve?
I just launched The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide which basically will kick your ass (and mine) in to gear for summer. It showcases what to eat in a week in a super simple way. The program was created to help people be the version of themselves!
What’s the point of eyelash primer?
I’d seriously rather not apply mascara without eyelash primer. It’s that good. It adds layers to your eyelashes and sets the mascara, so lashes will appear thicker, longer, and prettier. I’m obsessed with Lancome’s Vibrating Amplifying Primer lately. It’s in my car, oversized handbag & Caboodle. Check out my Youtube tutorial on getting the perfect eyelashes!
Easiest workout that girls can do on the go?
The workouts from my new guide are super accessible. You can do them ANYWHERE! I did them in my hotel room while traveling through Asia. If you’re looking for a quick workout at the gym, try Pilates. It really gets the job done!
Which health tip do you always keep in the back of your mind?
Eer, $h!t! I have a  couple:
1.) Don’t drink your calories AKA stay away from Frappuccinos, processed orange juice, super sugary lattes, & fake $h!t.
2.) Drink tea!! It’s a game changer for weight loss.
3.) Healthy fats are phat! Eat avocados, real butter, and coconut oil. They’re healing from the inside out.
4.) If you’re going to juice, do it right. I like mine cold pressed, fresh, and made in front of me. If I’m on the go, I’ll grab a cold pressed Suja Juice.
5.) MOVE. Break a sweat once a day. You will feel better mentally and physically.
What song helps you get hyped up for a major workout?
I actually have a huge work out playlist that’s available on my blog. It’s called The Skinny Confidential Vibezzzz. I also love listening to Brazilian music.
How did you decide to write a book and how was that different than blogging?
I was approached by a publisher and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did because it was such a rewarding, enriching, challenging experience. The process of writing a book is completely different than blogging because it’s like a 200 page blog post. There were nights I was up until 4 AM nearly crying from stress…it was rough! BUT so worth it. Isn’t that how everything worthwhile works though? Writing a blog is difficult in a different way because you have a daily audience that you are actively engaging with on a day to day basis. I’m currently working on my next book…stay tuned! Eek!

You describe yourself as a “serial entrepenuer”. What’s your next project?

I’m adding more sections to TSC Bombshell Body Guide and building the community. I’m also really in to TSC YouTube channel right now. It’s a huge undertaking, but one of my favorite things to do is beauty tutorials. I’m also in the midst of designing a new layout for my blog. It’s important for me to continue to build The Skinny Confidential brand! I always say, a little everyday creates the bigger picture. I feel like I chip away daily, baby steps!
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