Lauriana Mae Takes A Trip To Oz With Her Latest Project

Following the release of  her “City of Diamonds” EP and many soulful hit singles, the pop singer song-writer Lauriana Mae is about to release her debut studio album with Atlantic Records.

The 11-track project, titled “Can’t Go Back,” is set to release on January 20th and her latest single from the album, “How We Live,” premieres today.

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We got a chance to ask Lauriana what inspired her to write “How We Live” and this is what she had to say:

“I wrote this song as a reflection of where I currently am in my life and how content I am with it. ‘How We Live,’ describes all the shortcomings I have endured in my life, and how much my family and friends make me a feel a sense of gratification despite it. Their mere presence in the tough times pushes me to work harder and be more honest in my career. Even when all we are doing is the simplest things on earth, like playing cards or sitting around a fire. Being able to reminisce over funny stories from our childhood reminds me how much I crave the unconditional love I get everyday. The deep genuine admiration we have for each other, brings about much needed balance in my life. I don’t need much out of this world, just the love and support of my family and friends and I’m good.”

Executive producer of the project Jack Splash also shared how he felt making the duos new tracks.

“Lauriana and I try to make honest music,” he said. “Even on the uptempo/feel good song, Lauriana is basically sending a prayer out to all of her true friends and the real down to earth people in the world who find a million ways to enjoy life with or without money. In a world that’s so obsessed with false materialism, I think that’s very special and important.”

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“Can’t Go Back,” inspired by The Wizard of Oz, brings forth a playful side of Mae and a unique sound true to her aesthetic but unlike anything we’ve heard from her before. The album includes guest features from Dreezy, Raekwon, Manolo Rose and more.

The entire project will be available for streaming on all music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and more. We got exclusive access to her single dropping later today available below.

Check out the first single “How to Live” here.


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