Lauren Elizabeth and Cameron Fuller are so good together, their love will turn you into a Charlotte

Lauren Elizabeth moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in media, and Cameron Fuller left school in Wisconsin to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in acting. They met in LA, worked together on YouTube videos, became besties, and to no one’s surprise, fell deeply in love.

Normally, this sort of modern love story would make me cringe and sort of think twice. It’s the age-old “they’re famous so is it for publicity or are they really in love” stigma that we are all guilty of thinking. Before meeting Lauren and Cameron, I will admit, I had my doubts.

Lauren and Cameron shot my doubts down and had me loving their love within seconds. These two are insanely in love. Again, normally this might make me cringe: but, something about these two and their energy is extremely real, raw, and contagious. Their connection had me feeling like I was Charlotte in “Sex and the City” screaming, “People do live happily ever after!!!”

After a full day with the duo, I left knowing a few things for certain. 1: That Lauren and Cameron aren’t together for the clout – they’re in it for real deal love. 2: They both care deeply about each other’s successes, and both work very hard together in order for the other to succeed. 3: I need to find a love like that!

I mean, Cameron told me that their most memorable date involved a helicopter ride, but that they really just enjoy hanging out and watching movies.

Like, what?! We stan these two.

Lauren Dress: Rouje, Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own, Jewelry: Gogo Philip
Cameron Full outfit: Cotton Citizen, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own

Lauren (who, btw, has a chill 1m followers on Instagram and 1.3m subscribers on YouTube) started out on YouTube and now has a huge following because of her videos on the things she is most passionate about – fashion, home life, skincare, and open conversations about her struggles with anxiety. Her following grew so large, that she was officially able to start her own businesses. She now owns two – XLE: The Label (a clothing line) and FEEL (a home product line).

Lauren also creates, films, produces, edits, and post-produces all of her own YouTube videos, is a series actress on two TV shows, and is a huge influencer on Instagram with big brands, such as Revolve (yes, she’s a Revolve girl and we’re totally jealous).

Cameron (whose follower/subscriber count is also insane to me) is currently fulfilling his dream to be an actor in a big way – he’s even working on multiple projects at once. He’s starring in a Netflix film, “Rim of The World,” that’s right now in post-production and is a project you will definitely want to keep your eye out for. Cameron is also in Season 5 of “The Last Ship” on TNT.

The actor isn’t done yet – he plans to keep up on his YouTube while still pursuing his acting career. His biggest goal? To play a superhero role in a Marvel or DC film. I’d say that’s a pretty lit goal to have, and with Cameron’s work ethic, it’s probably not far from reality.

I sat down with the couple to discuss their hard work, how they met and fell in love, what it’s like working together, and what’s to come. Check out the photoshoot and interviews below if you want to fall in love with them like I did.

I’m officially more of a Charlotte than I was before I met them.

Lauren Dress: Rouje, Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Full outfit: Cotton Citizen, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own, Shoes: Umberto Luce


You recently launched your home product line, FEEL. What are some of your favorite products from the line?

Yes, I did! I could talk about everything in the collection forever, and I did on my Youtube channel (laughs). I think I have to pick the cheeseboard because it’s what I’m known for online and in real life. I remember thinking, “I’m going to make cheeseboards cool!” I’m known as being the hostess with the mostess and I created a home line to encompass that.

What inspired you to start a line of home products?

I got super into everything at home. From self care, to entertaining friends, to simply cleaning up every day. It became such a big part of my life when I realized it was what made me feel like my best self. I put so much effort into making my space precisely curated – making it feel cozy, refreshed, loved, and successful.

I realized I could create my own lifestyle and it empowered me. I wanted to share all of that with my followers because it’s bigger than just cute product; it really makes you feel positively.

You mentioned to me that you love doing most of the work for your businesses yourself, and that you’re very hands on. Why is that? Do you think that will ever change?

It is so important to be hands on. My brand is truly me, therefore no one else can do it. It can be that simple, but it also comes down to the fact that I’m a perfectionist and I’m extremely passionate. I don’t do anything I’m not obsessed with, therefore I can’t help but get my hands all over it.

It’s a ton of work and I get stressed or even frustrated, but it is no doubt worth it in the end when you create something amazing. I don’t think creatively this will ever change. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team of people that help me work smarter not harder which is always the priority. But my passion and drive isn’t going anywhere.

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Lauren Dress: Rouje, Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Full outfit: Cotton Citizen, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own, Shoes: Umberto Luce

Your vision for your work is very specific. I feel like social media can make peoples lives look so easy breezy, but you obviously put a lot of work into what you do (businesses, YouTube, more). What is the behind the scenes of Lauren’s work life like?

It’s a lot more than people realize. There’s so much that goes into each aspect of my business. The crazy part is it can all be so different and I have to juggle it all. Even crazier there is so much I want to do that I just physically can’t take on right now. Taking a cute photo seems easy until you have 35 other things you need to get done in a day. And it’s never just a photo, either – it’s carefully thought out, taken, edited, captioned, promoted, etc.

YouTube is 20x more work than Instagram, of course, considering it’s a longer form of content. I create all of my video ideas and execute them either as the director/producer and/or camera and editor. And I’m in them. Does this all make sense?! Basically, I’m required to stay relevant with tons of content daily that doesn’t just appear out of thin air. While getting that done, I’m either acting on a set for 12 hours a day or creating brands from the ground up that require my attention like a full time job.

Before this interview I had just finished editing a days worth of vlog footage, uploaded it, and after I will give notes on clothing samples for my clothing line, submit them to my team, and hopefully I can get to bed early enough for my 6am call time tomorrow on set of a new scripted series!

Hardest thing you’ve ever done since starting on YouTube?

Moving away from home (Chicago). I left my college life the day after I turned 19 and moved to LA to get into the entertainment industry. Most people think I dropped out, but I didn’t. I set myself up with an internship for college credit at AwesomenessTV where I worked as a producer, writer, and eventually I was allowed to stop getting coffee and be on camera. I wasn’t making a ton of money (definitely had to ask for money to eat one week) and I had to grow up very fast.

I learned so much from working at a desk until I knew I was ready to take a risk and be full time talent. I never let anyone tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I quit my job as a producer and when I wanted to start acting and everyone said no, I did it anyway and produced my first film for Vimeo & Netflix. I could write a long list of things I did after traditional LA folks told me not to, but you get the point.

Lauren Dress: Rouje, Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Full outfit: Cotton Citizen, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own, Shoes: Umberto Luce

What’s is like being a Revolve gal and getting to travel with the Revolve team to amazing places like a private island in Bermuda?

It’s honestly amazing. I feel like people want us to say, oh it’s just for pictures it’s not actually fun! But it’s a freaking blast. The team at Revolve truly gets it. They understand our value. When they call us influencers it’s because they genuinely know how much we influence people. Not because they “don’t know what we do” – they’ve built an incredibly successful business by trusting girls like me to support them.

And they know how to throw a party, providing us with the time of our lives! Capturing content is so easy when you’re doing things you’d never get to experience otherwise. We literally had a whole island to ourselves and I got to dance with one of my favorite rappers. C’mon!

You are obviously very involved in the fashion world. On top of FEEL, you also just dropped a clothing line, XLE: The Label, this past month. Tell us about the line and what kind of vibes we can expect from it in the future!

I am so excited for how excited my followers are for XLE: The Label! I love fashion so much this is truly a dream come true. My style is effortless so I can work hard and feel good everyday. That’s exactly what XLE is.

It’s for the total cool girl, every day and every night. The first collection starts off with really classic pieces you see me wearing, and as each collection drops I start having more and more fun with my designs. The first three collections are already done so I am very excited to have finally gotten the first one out!

Fave look from the line?

My favorite look is this amazing pair of faux leather pants and cheetah jacket from the first collection. It’s completely what you think of when you think of my style.

What can we expect next from both of your lines?

I’ve learned so much from creating these lines and only want to make them bigger and better. We shall see.

Lauren Dress: Rouje, Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Full outfit: Cotton Citizen, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own, Shoes: Umberto Luce

How did you first get started on YouTube?

I’ve told this story so many times that I feel like I’m boring people (laughs). I was grounded in high school and didn’t feel like I had a creative outlet. I simply just wanted to make videos.

I was born with a business savvy mind and hit the ground running really seeing it as a platform that could launch me anywhere I wanted. So it’s really cool knowing I started because it truly fulfilled me as a creative person and businesswoman.

How did you begin incorporating Cam into your videos, and how did you make the decision to have him on sometimes?

We met because he was starting a YouTube channel with his friend, Gregg. I take credit for it all (laughs)! Just kidding. However, I was responsible for editing and uploading probably all of their videos for 7 months! So we became instant best friends when we met and since we were all making videos we filmed a lot together. After crossing the line from best friends to well, more than that, it felt weird not continuing to film together.

People started thinking we were dating because you could definitely sense the chemistry but we didn’t announce it for a while. I love that we support each other and can create things together. He truly is my best friend and teammate.

Lauren Dress and bag: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt and jeans: Cotton Citizen

What kind of content is your favorite to put out on your channel?

I truly love making videos. I like reminding people that because the industry has changed so much and some people complain about having their platform. But, I love talking to the camera and sharing my life. I love sharing personal stuff occasionally, though.

Whether it’s my journey with mental illness, love, or chronic pain – I get this urge inside of me randomly where I think, “I need to talk about this, it might help someone, it all makes sense now!” I usually have no makeup on, run and grab my camera, sit on the floor, and just talk from my heart. Those videos always resonate with people. I am proud of that the most.

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What would you say to the people who think YouTube and influencer jobs aren’t real jobs?

At this point, I just laugh. It’s truly a joke. I always say, “Do you know how many companies have a video team? Social media department? Marketing team? 300 employees? I run multiple business’s by my damn self!” I know how smart I am and I know how hard I work.

I don’t need to explain myself to anyone I will just continue to show them the proof in my success. Don’t get me wrong – I am humble and grateful every single day. But people that talk down to me out of ignorance, the joke is simply just on them. So, I laugh.

Lauren Dress and bag: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt and jeans: Cotton Citizen


You’ve been auditioning for a bunch of acting roles, and you’ve recently booked some impressive gigs (which will remain a secret), including a big feature and some shows. What inspired you to go for an acting career? Is that what you always wanted to pursue?

I was introduced to the film and television industry at a very young age and was constantly traveling with my family to new movie sets and shows. I’ve always idolized my father, who is a producer, so I thought I would follow in his footsteps. As I grew older and starting making my own films, I realized how much I also enjoy being in front of the camera.

Acting became a different way for me to express myself. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college, which happened to be in Wisconsin, that I realized I wanted to pursue acting as a career. I had to move back to Los Angeles and that’s when acting became a reality.

What’s it like working on multiple projects at once?

I’ve worked on multiple projects at once before and it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Your life gets very hectic, busy, and stressful, but those feelings are what you want as an actor. It’s a much better feeling to be swamped with work than to be waiting for it.

What helps you memorize lines?

Memorization in general is tough. I think it becomes a lot easier when you do it consistently. For me, it’s important to look over lines and then take a break. It allows my brain to subconsciously think about the dialogue.

Lauren Dress and bag: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt and jeans: Cotton Citizen

What kind of roles are you after right now, and what’s your dream role?

The last few roles I’ve done have been military-based roles. I’ve really enjoyed them because they make me feel like a badass! My dream role will always be a playing a superhero in a Marvel or DC film. I’ve been a massive fan of superheroes since I was a kid and to be able to play one on the big screen would be a dream come true.

What’s in your trailer?

I try and bring as little as possible. Keys, sunglasses, phone, wallet, headphones, and a book. I’m usually torn on bringing an iPhone charger and every single time it bites me in the ass!

You and Lauren obviously work together (via YouTube, etc). What’s really special about doing videos together?

Well, I think the answer is simple. You get to work with the person you love. It’s a win-win situation. We also just have a blast filming together.

What’s the worst part?

Lauren loves taking creative control. I’m someone that also needs to have control over my own content as well. So we butt heads sometimes. But, in the end it always works out. And she is always right.

How do you guys come up with video concepts that you do together?

We don’t discuss many video ideas together. I will come to her for an idea and she will tweak it, or she’ll come to me for one and I’ll ad my input and then we’ll film!

Lauren Dress and bag: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt and jeans: Cotton Citizen

What are your favorite and least favorite things about YouTube?

YouTube is an extremely valuable part of society. I love how much you can learn, but also feel just by starring at your screen. It allows people to express themselves in any way they want. It allows me to be my true self.

My least favorite thing about YouTube is that I have absolutely no idea if my subscribers get my video notifications or not. My parents will call me and say “we just got a notification!” and that will be a week after I’ve posted the actual video.

Best/most memorable date you’ve had?

I took Lauren on a helicopter over the coastline of PCH at sunset and then we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant called Georgio Baldi. That one was very memorable.

Favorite thing about Lauren?

Lauren has so many incredible qualities about her. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She puts everyone and everything before her own wants and needs. All she wants is to make sure the people she loves are happy. It’s something that is so unique and special.

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Favorite things to do together?

Watch TV shows and movies. Oh, and we love to snack together.

Lauren Sweater: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt: OAK NYC, Sunglasses: Cameron’s Own

Dinner you love to cook with Lauren?

Lauren is the real chef in our relationship. We’ve gone through a lot of trial and error with homemade meals, but she’s gotten a lot better. Last week she made me a full chicken. She called it a “love chicken.” It was great.

If you guys could collaborate on a project, what would it be?

It’s already in the works – and it’s big. But it’s a secret. You’ll see.

What’s something you guys do to keep the relationship fresh?

We communicate. We don’t hold emotions back or push feelings down. We are honest and open about those and that has kept us strong. Plus, we try new food all the time and are always enjoying each other’s company.

What can we expect next from the both of you?

Lauren has a home line called FEEL that recently launched. She also has a clothing line called XLE that just launched, and she’s working on two separate TV shows at once! I recently finished filming a Netflix movie called “Rim of The World,” which was directed by McG. I’m also a part of Season 5 of “The Last Ship” that came out in August on TNT.

Lauren Sweater, jeans, and bag: Rouje, Jewelry: Gogo Phillip, Shoes: Lauren’s Own (Gucci)
Cameron Leather jacket: Understated Leather, Shirt: OAK NYC, Jeans: Cotton Citizen, Shoes: Umberto Luce

Photos by Nia Spencer

Styling by Mallie Koczon

Hair and Makeup by Brittany Withouski

Creative Direction by Mallie Koczon

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