Lauren Bacall Honored In FIT Fashion Exhibition

After passing away last week at the age of 89, a great deal of nostalgia has been spent on the memory of Lauren Bacall. Whether it be her torrid affair with the late Humphrey Bogart (which resulted in a long marriage), or her presence in the world of classic filmography such as The Big Sleep and To Have and Have Not, the legacy of Lauren Bacall is not easily forgotten. Just to make sure that her memory is honored even further, the Fashion Institute of Technology has created an exhibit, set to open in the spring which celebrates the actress’ famous fashion sense. The exhibit will showcase outfits by some of Bacall’s favorite designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, Norman Norell, and Pierre Cardin. In honor of this newest piece of fashion news, here are a few of our favorite looks from the late Lauren Bacall.
In a surprisingly modern ensemble including a men’s style tuxedo jacket over a blue satin shirt dress and gladiator sandals. We’re not sure that we are even this stylish today.

Can you say sexy? A low cut maxi dress with a strategically placed cut out at the midriff which this babe could easily wear out in the city even now.

Is it even possible to look this sexy in a turtleneck and knee length skirt? Apparently if you are Lauren Bacall it is.

Lauren Bacall
Holy gothic sex goddess!

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