This Makeup Primer Is So Good You’ll Have to Check Your Pulse

Everybody needs pores. I won’t dispute that.

But everybody doesn’t need to see my pores. I have a bit of a complex about them. Even when people tell me I have nice skin, I’m secretly yearning to powder my nose and banish any and all signs that I am a living, breathing, oil-secreting specimen.

I prefer an Anjelica Huston in the 80s look — matte, smooth, powdery, poreless, maybe a little undead. But in a hot way!

So any time I hear about a product that is supposed to de-shine and erase pores, I jump to try it. And recently I found one that does the job reallllly nicely.

It’s called Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-up Primer and it is GOOD. It’s made out of natural plant extracts like white tea and centella asiatica, with aloe vera and chamomile and it’s $32.

Other primers I’ve tried seem to sit on top of my skin creating a weird extra layer that makes my makeup seem splotchy. Spackle blends in much more nicely, especially under my Urban Decay NAKED foundation. It also doesn’t dry my skin like other primers have.

And true to its intense name, Spackle is heavy-duty. But that doesn’t mean only fans of cakey looks should try it. It’s also ideal for days when you want to appear makeup-free but also want to cover up imperfections. Spackle actually provides enough coverage that you could wear it on its own for a plausible no-makeup-makeup look. It’s way better than a powder foundation if you’re trying to appear au naturel.

It also pairs really well with highlighters if you want your skin to show some dewy signs of life.

Or you could be a total psycho and layer it under three or four other products for that delightfully cakey Morticia Addams look that we all sometimes secretly crave. No one’s judging.

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